T29 from Br 7.0 to 6.7

ok idk why but this thing sits at 7.0 wayyy to high and is almost the same in every way compared to the t30 and t34 i feel like they should change it to 6.7 since there is nothing special to it

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It gets a way better cannon. That is why.


the t34 has 155 and the t29 has 105 mm…

T29 gets an APHE shell with almost 200g of TNT equiv filler with only a small loss in penetration across the angles and a faster rate of fire.


T29 is nuts, it’s fine at 7.0


Identical gun to Tiger 2 105, also at 7.0.

T34 is the 120mm variant. You’re thinking of the T30. And the T30 is about 200-300 Gaijin coins on the market right now, so it’s not really easily accessed unlike the T34.

T34 has only solid shot which makes it much harder to one shot vehicles. It has a 14.9 second reload. The T30 has a better shell but it has a 30 second reload.

T29 gives you great APHE while having a reload of 12.5 seconds. You basically get a shell that is slightly worse than the T30’s but with less then half the reload.

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The T29’s T13 APCBC has more penetration than any of the T30’s AP rounds at all angles and at all distances. And since it has enough explosive filler to have overpressure enabled, it is only slightly worse in post penetration damage compared ot the T30’s AP rounds.

So the T29’s cannon is just better, mostly.

Hell nah. T34 to 7.0, same with Tiger II H/105.

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I know what you mean. But its larger size helps it overmatch more armor. Plus its HE shell is pretty good. Still not worth the 30 sec reload imo.


Overmatch influences slope modifiers, generally making them better.

However, the APCBC of the T29 has so much more flat penetration that it goes through more angled armor as well.

So in the end it doesn’t matter if the T30 overmatches more or not. T29 still penetrates more.

Also, the HE shell of the T30 is why I added “mostly” at the end.

Exceptional armour and firepower. The T34 is honestly better that the T29 in may experience, and has the highest penetration full-calibre AP shell at the BR. It’s a hell of a lot better than, say the T26s or IS-2 '44. Similarly, the Tiger II H is just a direct upgrade over the P, and also considerably better than the IS-2, T26S. etc.

Now you could argue that all those 6.7s should be 6.3. But then that means they’re the same BR as the Jumbo 76, IS-2 '43, and only .3 above the Tigers and Panthers. If you were then to move those, that’s gonna compress the various 5.7s.
And such is how we get the compression you see in, for example, lower tier jets.

Instead, we move up the best vehicles. If those vehicles struggle with other vehicles, move those up too (in this case this would only really be some of the 7.7 heavies such as the Conq and M103). In this way, we decompress everything instead of compressing it.


Except the Tiger 2 is nearly universally better than the T34. All of the T29 chassis tanks share the same huge cupola that renders a lot of the frontal turret armor meaningless. and hull down far less effective. The hull of the tiger 2 is far, far better than the T29 chassis. The Tiger 2 gun is better than any T29 chassis. The tiger 2 is both faster and loses less speed on hull traverse. No way in hell the T34 goes to 7.0 without the tiger 2h.

The T29 went to 7.0 when armor mattered more. Currently, the prevalence of HEAT is ubiquitous enough i could see it going back to 6.7. But its US, so nope, not going to happen. Moving the pershing and super pershing up a BR was such nation favoratism its embarising. But they have shown with the jumbos that anything US has to be overteired.

You’d better check the previous BR changed link(perhaps Jan2024?); indications suggest that gaijin once deemed the T29 excessively potent for its current BR, considering increase it to 7.3. Ultimately, it was the counsel of numerous US players that halted any further BR increase. From this perspective, the T29 doesn’t wield the formidable might imagined by most players, but it certainly isn’t as feeble as the Tiger II at 6.7.

calling a Tiger II feeble… Its one of the strongest/best tanks in the game (obviously relative to its BR)

Much like the EBR at 5.3 and batchat at 8.0, the BRs in this game are arbrary and not based on stats of any kind. Or do you really think those vehicles are remotely competitive with their contemporaries? NO ONE was dominating with the pershings. They got moved up. The T26E1 was mediocre at best. Got moved up. Not german or russian? up it goes.

You are trying to call the Tiger 2 ‘feeble’… man thats about as bad of a take as i’ve heard on these forums, and there have been some really bad ones.

The vehicle is incredibly good at 7.0 and is just overall better than the T34.

The cupola is 152.4 mm angled CHA and I don’t know if even the long 88 can penetrate it.

A cannon that can penetrate the cupola can likely also just go through the mantlet which is flat 200 mm effective.