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In 1956, the Bundeswehr received a total of 300 Bren Universal Carriers from Britain, the first batch was delivered between March and April 1956, and consisted of 181 vehicles, while the second batch of 119 carriers was dellivered from October to November 1956. Most of the delivered vehicles were produced by Ford Canada. The variants delivered were the Type No. 1 Mk.II, Type No. 1 Mk.II MMG, and Type No. 1 Mk.II 3" mortar.

The vehicles were initially used as reconnaissance and infantry-group support-vehicles, because of their speed and low silhouette, however, the Bundeswehr quickly started to instead use the T16’s for their original purpose again, as transport vehicles.

One T16 was however seriously uparmed by the Bundeswehr, as an experimental carrier for seven SS.10 ATGM’s. The vehicle itself is from 1957.

The vehicle was fully capable of firing the ATGM’s under it’s own power and with the crew inside.


Thanks to @woodruff42 for messaging me with extra informations, namely the proper name of the vehicle, taken from page 289 of the book “Typenkompass Artillerie, Panzer- und Luftabwehrsystem der Bundeswehr” by K. Anweiler and M. Pahlkötter, and a youtube video, that showcases, that the vehicle is from 1957, and can indeed fire it’s missiles with the crew inside and under it’s own power, making it completely viable for being implemented into War Thunder. :salute:


Crew: 2

Length: 3,94m

Width: 2,11m

Height: 1,57m

Weight: 4 tons

Armor: up to 7mm

Engine: Ford flathead V8 (85hp)

Power/weight: 18,9

Speed: 48 kph

Range: 230km


7x SS.10 ATGM’s


This would be a remarkebly interesting vehicle for War Thunder, perhaps a premium or event vehicle, because of it’s experimental and strange nature. As a BR I could see 6.7 or 7.0 work quite well, because even though it’s basically made out of paper, I am not even sure if the superstructure is made of RHA or simple construction-steel, it still has seven incredibly effective ATGM’s, as well as having a very low silhouette, which can easily be concealed with cosmetic bushes, or just brushwork from the map itself.

The book “Typenkompass Artillerie, Panzer- und Luftabwehrsystem der Bundeswehr” by K. Anweiler and M. Pahlkötter seems to have more informations about it.

If you spot a mistake or want to add something, please post it under this thread! Cheers! :salute:


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This is just Peak

British carrier, French missiles, in the German tree? Sign me up!

It’s about time that SS.10 missiles make an appearance in the game. Sure they’re slow, but they’re highly iconic for the early Cold War and on par with the M40 recoilless rifle in terms of penetration.
And seven of them, one after another? This could be a real troublemaker if used correctly.


The closet equivalent in-game now would be the Type 60 ATM, since the Type 64 MAT and SS.10 have similar performance. And unlike the Type 60, this doesn’t have a .50 cal. But it does have a significant advantages in that all 7 missiles are pre-loaded, rather than just having 2 to fire and then wait for reload. And it’s tiny, so it can hide a lot easier.

Also here’s one of the photos that went away because Discord broke all links.

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