T129 Atak Missing UMTAS + RWR

Alright , with the implementation of more vehicles with F&F ammunition i think its time T129 atak received its correct ammo
The L-UMTAS just dont cut it and the cicrit are meh at best

Many bug reports have been sent and all to deaf ears

For reference here is the original post which suggested the heli to be added: TAI/AgustaWestland T129 ATAK - Implemented Suggestions - War Thunder - Official Forum

Not even half the armament made it into the game

EDIT 2 : UMTAS - Wikipedia
OMTAS Anti-Tank Guided Missile | MilitaryToday.com

range suggests for OMTAS 4km F&F could be very balanced for a premium vehicle even tho im strongly against nerfing vehicles for the sake of it

edit 3 : my bug report https://support.gaijin.net/hc/en-us/requests/1982979

Gaijin.net // Issues here is the admin or whatever saying its for balance reasons




The support page is not for bug reporting.

The CBR is for reporting bugs;

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The current T129 is fine as it is.

They can add a later T129 with the fire and forget UMTAS. Either to the tech tree, or a squadron vehicle would work.

No its not fine as it is and theres no later t129 , this IS the t129 which should have all the above mentioned

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It is fine. UMTAS just means higher BR and people can’t use it in their 10.3 lineup anymore.

There were two different configurations of T129 delivered to Turkey, the pre-production “A build” in 2014 and the full-spec “B build” in 2015. And the A’s were retrofitted to the B standard.

Its fine for the premium to be the earlier build, and the later one with more advanced weapons can be a separate heli.

To add to this, Smins comments are still correct.

This is not a bug but intentional. The ATAK was added with its current weaponry intentionally to have it at the BR it currently is. Not providing it with AGM-114K, Spike, L-UMTAS (late), UMTAS (early) and UMTAS (late) missiles was an intentional balance decision.

Please feel free to create a suggestion for a later version of the helicopter with this weaponry on the forum.

I’d suggest going to the suggestion section of the forum and creating a suggestion. (how many times can I say suggestion in one sentence haha)


This is the b spec according to everything modeled and mounted + to what the dev said