T-90M vs T-80BVM

I need some help because I’m almost finish grinding for the Pantsir and have the light tank and tankdestroyer lines unlocked which I’m wondering should I grind for for the T-90M or theT-80BVM line?
Can someone give detail which tank is better in combat.

None. Switch nation


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The T-80BVM is far superior to the T-90M. the T-90M is a top teir version of the base T-72, with simply more armour and better rounds, but with all the same weaknesses as the T-72A. It has awful reverse speed, poor gun depression, and a worse reload than other contempory tanks. The spall liner was intended as a reason to get people to be excited about it, but it is just worse than the T-80BVM, even if its survivability is slightly increased. Any player who can aim can pen you, and more often than not when you are penned, you are not going to be able to retaliate before the second shot finishes you. The T-80BVM still has weaknesses compared to other Nations MBT’s, it still has worse reverse speed, not great depression, and a worse reload than an aced crew leopard or Abrams, but is closer to those vehicles than the T-90M. Overall the T-80BVM will serve you much better

T-90M is far superior to T-80BVM.
T-90M has significantly more armor, same round, almost as fast, has a laser warning receiver, all while having a spall liner.