T-90M Take Hellfire directly to the side

https://youtu.be/QvDNBVOloB8 Because we all know, There is nothing at all wrong with this right?


There is nothing wrong with this, the T-90M has ERA and it worked against your ATGM.

Not only that, it could just be a “War Thunder Moment” as I’ve had this happen to me when shooting vehicles that have no ERA.

The issue here is more than the AH-1Z is firing AGM-114Bs to begin with, it should have 114Ks. This would perform more favorable against the ERA


Just like kornet from my bmp 2m ate by fuel tank of leo 2a4.

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My favorite was last week when I hit a leo a1a5 in the side with my 292`s apfsds and only turned his turret ring yellow.


just wait till you see what the second best apfsds in the game does to that era :v

It appears the missile hit the engine, not the crew compartment.

I honestly doubt era is going to do have much affect against an hellfire, maybe more modern nato addon armor but relikt i doubt

it hit the crew department
and killed the gunner.

It would have no effect at all.

Hard to tell from the video without a damage cam.

Either way, it was likely the spall liner.

It’s probably stronger than it should be, but to be honest, I think it’s more of a coincidence rather than the norm when it comes to the T-90M. It’s definitely a good vehicle, but it’s still a T-72. They’re really easy to kill usually.

T-90Ms are quite easy to one shot. Even using my M1 Abrams I can reliably one shot them from the side which isnt possible in Strvs or Leopards with spall liner.

I’m aware. I own it and also fight it a lot. The T-80BVM is much stronger.