T-90M: Modernized Breakthrough

Armour equivalent is broken on number of tanks, for example on 2A4, thats what has been told to us on bug report platform, maybe it was already fixed, maybe not.


Wish USSR would get its own matchmaker where it would live out its fantasy of being the uber nation fighting only itself. That way us, the players of the other 9 nations, can finally start enjoying this game in peace since Gaijin is reluctant to address the severe imbalance for 3+ years now.


yes plz the USSR TT needs this as most players are using either the T-72B3 or the T-80UK as a second backup to the T-80BVM and i see alot of ppl just hyped for it all thanks for the Devs for this great work

why don’t u speak about how broken the German and Swedish Leos that can’t be killed by one shot ?


Because I have 0 issue one shotting them 99% of the time. THe only tank that I encounter that routinely takes 2-3 rounds, if they pen at all. Is the T-80BVM


Ever heard of the driver hatch, turret ring, or UFP? The Leo 2A7V has the exact same weak points as the Strv 122. Just because you can’t shoot anywhere on the hull anymore to kill a Leo is far from making them β€˜broken’.


This thing will be basically unkillable. I expect an 85+% winrate for the russians unless something changes.


yeah and shoting Russian tanks without even aiming bc if u shoot center mass of it garantie that u either kill it , get the main gun , breach and gunner and the comander huh
seems annoying to have to aim huh

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I dont even know what you are trying to say.

No, i dont really mind. Killing strvs is about as hard as killing bvms if you know where to aim, it makes no diffrence if i fight them in a Type 10, 2A6, BVM or Strv122. If you want to actually complain about which tanks are hardest to kill, go play more than one nation.

facing an abrams u have to shoot the breach , facing leos u need to aim at the breach also bc shooting the driver might not kill the comander and gunner at the same time, shooting any Russian tanks just shoot the driver hatch 1 kill shot or the breach of which 80% of the time it will kill both the gunner and comander , or the lower front plate of which will blow up the ammo , or any shot that pins the sides is a 1 kill shot , birtish u need to aim only at the lower front plate , japan , china , same steps with USSR , sweeds are just annoying af extra armor everywhere and even the side shot are RNG

Yea no thats literally a you issue, im not one to stat shame but if you claim that shooting the driver hatch on a leopard to be inconsistent thats literally a skill issue and it shows.

Its a straight line from drivers head to gunners feet. In this case i even got the loader. (3BM60 btw)

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okay then i just needs u to just stop still while i aim at the driver hatch while also i’m moving huh ? ur argument is just not so valid bc of RNG

If you struggle to kill a moving leopard thats not RNG thats you not being able to lead your shots.

still my argument stands and u using the pen anlayzer isn’t enough to backup ur argument

yeah shoot here and will kill a leo 100000% of the times ur arugment

ammo goes boom

Im not gonna waist my time if you are not going to bring any actual arguments, if you want to continue do it in PMs not here.

Nothing changed and the Russian winrate is the 2nd lowest at 45%.

Doesnt make the tank bad, you are using the same logic gaijin uses to nerf french vehicles