T-80UM2 has no thermals?!?!?

The T-80UM2 IRL has Gen 3.0 thermals so when you gonna add it’s thermals gaijin???

There’s another tank based on Object 640 “Black Eagle” that was mistakenly called T-80UM2 by western observers. The article is about that tank

The T-80UM2 that is ingame: a T-80U with Drozd APS, didn’t have thermals


Well, the T 80 UM2 IRL has APS and thermals so gaijin needs to fix it

currently irl its a destroyed tank

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Doesn’t matter anyways lmfao nice joke they want the game to be “realistic“ but yet won’t give tanks and such modules they have irl

pretty sure the T80B and Soviet T80U shouldnt have thermals then as if i remember correctly only the one sent to sweden for trials should have thermals

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The T-80’s all had thermals

All of the info on the tanks is public about the modules and such

The UM2 in-game never had thermals IRL.
All photographed examples only had normal NVDs.

T-80U’s thermals are 100% accurate.
And T-80B was given drop-in thermals in real life, and in-game.

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Bro it’s documented it has them I legit have proof lmfao

Proof has not been posted on this thread, and if you did have proof it would be a bug report on the bug report site, and not a rant here.

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This wasn’t for players anyways it was for the devs so but out

Also look at the very first post I put on the document right there. It says it has thermals so you’re arguing over stupid shit.

The first post isn’t a document, that’s a 3rd party website making a claim, potentially about a different tank.

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If you read it you dunce it specifically says THE T-80UM2

There are 2 entirely different tanks called UM2 IRL by media.
And it’s typically not the one that’s in War Thunder.

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If it’s not called you and to think I should needs to fix the name and lower the BR I’m sorry but a tank at 11.0 that has no thermals is absurd.

The in-game name is correct, and the BR is correct for its capabilities.
It’s still a T-80U, just without the thermals.

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Exactly if it has no thermals, it shouldn’t be at a BR where thermals are needed

Thermals are not needed outside forests & looking into forests.
That’s really it.
LRF is more important than thermals.

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