T-80UM2 has no thermals?!?!?

It seems you get that page from this website. However, that isn’t the legit T-80UM2 in War Thunder. At the start of its page it metion about ‘black eagle’. And ‘black eagle’ is this

Object 640 Black Eagle. It was a privately-funded product of Omsktransmash, which means Russian goverment didn’t pay big attention to it and didn’t give it army designation code. The reason why it called ‘T-80UM2’ is because western medias confuses its name due to their short information about russian tank development at that time(remember it’s late 1990s to 2000s, when Internet is not common as now)

On the other hand, what we have in game is this. Definitely not an ‘Black Eagle’, but an vehicle modified by Russian army and tested for Drozd. This thing doesn’t have thermal, as at that time Thermal Vision is not a common thing for Russian army. At the time of T-90A Russian army become familiar with thermal vision.

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Then they need to lower the BR to 10.7 or 10.3

Thermals also help in really open and long range maps it makes it to where you can distinct tanks from buildings and at top tier you have a lot of matches in super open and long range maps they are more important than you think

Yeah uh the T-80UM-1/2 series of tech demos or whatever people want to call them never were fitted with thermals since there wasn’t really a point at the time to fit an expensive thermal optic (which wouldn’t have been a 3rd gen thermal sight either) to something that would just be shown off in some expo and that’s it

At least that’s how I understand it

if so then remove 3BM46

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I mean, I’m pretty sure 11.0 is fine for just lacking thermals

It’s really not though think about it almost every tank you come across at 11.0 has thermals whether it be generation one through three thermals, I mean hell even de martyr 183 has thermals and that’s at 8.3

This discussion is the meaning of copium, Russia is already the top performing nation in literally ALL aspects so enjoy the vehicles you’ve got.

The T-80UM2 we’ve got in-game (not the Obj. 640) never had thermals as well


How is this the meaning of copium? it’s really just a dude mixing up information due a bad source?

Sure their opinion on it going down in br is uh, certainly something but again, there is muuuuuuch better threads when it comes to the defintion of copium

yeah but the fact he keeps trying to argue and then when he finally accepts he is wrong he suggests that it get downtiered by a bit but currently its balanced where it sits.

I wouldnt call it copium though

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So you say being one shot across the map via tank that is to be ours higher than you that has a 600 mm pen around isnt unfair

Yeah mate, that’s top tier in general, and it’ll stay like that lol

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It needs to be fixed top-tier needs to be balanced not fucking you know Wolfpack running around the back of a map getting behind a literally the entire enemy team and being able to one tap them because they have the M 900 round which allows them to literally one tab everything because it has 600 mils of pen at 10.3 might I add

522* also it 10.0 but yeah if its behind your entire team then its the teams fault


He wants thermals because he believed it historically had it and because of balance reasons.

The T-80UM2 is a great vehicle and he’s clearly playing it wrong or doesn’t play the vehicle at all.

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Ok fucking know it all pros have it your way but this fucking game dies it’s at your own fault because you don’t want a game to be balanced and fun

if it got thermals it would be 11.3 where more stuff can 1 tap ufp you.

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Doesn’t matter gaijin need to rework the whole game or do something to balance it because if they don’t they can say bye to the 1.5k I put into the game

3rd Gen TV? If only russia was capable of producing such technology or even buying it and using it on a old tank rather than newer ones.

Do you see the IR light on the left from the gun? There wouldn’t be need for it if it had any sort of TV.

The only source is that text of yours from god knows what site which also does not tell us what generation TV it >>had<<.

Doesn’t matter gaijin need to rework the whole game or do something to balance it because if they don’t they can say bye to the 1.5k I put into the game


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The sec you spend 1 dime its gone
Also a lot of people spend more and still left so who cares ?

Anyways Bye