T-80B should be buffed or its br lowered

As a ‘high-mobility’ tank the T-80B cannot meet the standards of a 10.3br tank.
The T-80B in game is actually a model 1978 with 30mm add-on armour upgrade pack, then fitted with explosive armour ‘Kontakt-1’. Though the appearance looks similiar, it should not be regarded as a T-80BV mod.1985 which has much better UFP armour.
The gun traverse and elevation speed is disastrous compared to Nato tanks, the 7.1s reload is troublesome, and a gunsight with low-resolution thermals and without commander fire control just ruined its firing capability. Its armour can’t defeat common apfsds shots at its br, and if penetrated, unlike the situation of Nato tanks with bigger space, the shrapnel will easily kill the entire crew or destroy the autoloader or fuel tank.
I suggest that this tank should be lowered to 10.0br. The thermal sight can be removed, but it won’t make much difference.
A second suggestion is, if we keep it in 10.3, then T-80B can receive upgrades like replacing its UFP armour with mod.1985 design, and changing the reload time from 7.1s to 6.5s per shot.


It’s got good mobility and armor while having some of the smallest weakspots in the game, it should really be a higher BR


not really, yes its higher then the 6 seconds “with aced crew” on leopard 2 or 5 sec (aced again) on the m1
but you don’t have the drawback of having a longer reload in case commander/loader or both are dead
Also you don’t have to add skill points to the skills becaus the reload is 7.1 doesn’t matter if lvl 1 or 150 ace crew

sorry what ?
dm63 (105mm) can’t pen the ufp and thats a round fired from the tam2
dm23 from leopard 2a4 can’t pen it as well except for the driver viewport
same m1 abrams (10.3)
even L26 chally mk3 struggles to pen it except for the same weakspot…

welcome to low thermal quality
same goes for leopard chally m1 abrams

ah yes same happens to leopards abrams etc so thats not a suprise
Also you can’t damage the autoloader, only the gun breach same for most tanks


You realize the T-80B isn’t supposed to even have thermals right?


This has gotta be a troll thread.

Cute flag.


It’s a skill issue thread tbf…


Could be both. Wouldn’t surprise me.

No, it’s equivalent to Leopard 2A4, Ariete P, T-90S, Vickers Mk7, etc.



It does because it has better armor than others.

Again, its slower because it has better armor.

Slower reload because better shell, 3BM42 pens more than DM23 or M774.

Leo 2A4 and M1 both also have Gen 1?

Yes it can, try UFPing a T-80 with M774 or DM23.

Funny, when I shoot a T-80 the shrapnel doesn’t kill those.

Why don’t we just move every russian vehicle down a BR so they never suffer?



Remind me how many NATO mbts (as in not light tanks or FSVs) get higher than gen1 thermals at 10.0 to 11.0 range?

It absolutely can.

A trade off for being harder to pen in the first place.


Wait a minute, since when can you destroy auto loaders xD


One of the best 10.3

Maybe a sidegrade to the leo 2a4

You removed the armor package…


I prefer the look cause Kontact 1 only protects against HEAT warheads.

The added 30mm plate + kontant 1 is what buffs the armor to a point where it can stop 10.3 rounds


30mm plate is already there.

haha you are funny

with k1

without k1 funny how my screen is completely different also just tested it a few games ago and suprise suprise i could not pen it ;)


So remove it and lower it to 10.0.
It received thermals which was once installed on a T-80B used for testing (which was now preserved in Patriot Park in Moscow), cuz at that time the entire Soviet TT does not have a single thermal for MBTs while Nato have several thermal-equipped tanks. People just ignore the background.

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You have to realize tanks need to have some cons when compared to contemporaries at their BR.
Yes, it has pretty meh gun handling for it’s BR and having no commander fire control is also detrimental, but you’ll have to learn how to play around those flaws, just like with any other vehicle in the game. Also, gen1 thermals are a pretty common sight on MBTs at 10.3, so complaining about that isn’t fair.

7.1s of reload is bad on paper but sometimes it can save you since it’s autoloaded. But as I said above, a tank without any flaws might not be balanced.

It most certainly can defeat loads of ~10.3 rounds that are placed poorly.

A third suggestion, leave it as it is since it’s a pretty balanced tank for 10.3 ?


I like how every thread mentioned USSR tank’s weaknesses always attracts butthurt US mains who would jump in and quickly discard any opinions OP gave and call him a troll, maybe you should learn how to play your Abrams, 1128, or AGS properly and make use of the terrain to bully USSR tank without gun depression and shit reverse speed because any maps that aren’t sun city or Advance to the Rhine you have so many ways to disable/kill the T-72s/T-80s without them having the same options to do the same to you. Of course if you are the type to hodl W on Abrams and fight the T-series head on of course you gonna die playing the game they excel at lol