T-80B should be buffed or its br lowered

Can you show some skill on soviet tanks then? Oh wait, you’ve got 0 battles on soviet tanks


I remember when abrams and leo 2a4 were fighting against t64b, and NOBODY among natoboys was crying on balance.


Did you also noticed he purposely set target distance to 300 meters in his screenshot?

His trying so hard to justify his points, lmao.



I remember times when it was jagttiger vs is4m no ru player complained
or is3 roflstomping tiger 2 panther 2 etc funny huh ? :)

and still it looks way different…
I wonder why lul /s

Anyway i know why i mostly ignore razer
the second he types something you can be sure he pulls it out of his ass…

Also @AlvisWisla why does that looks kinda similar ?

this is with protection map vs dm53 from the 2a7v…
and just changed back to the tam2c to make it look like…


300 meters is the average engagement distance these days.
I guess Murica is using the Object 995 against T-80Bs, as that’s the only tank whose gun is low enough to the T-80’s hull for the angle he chose.

According to who, you? protection analysis uses 500 meters as golden distance because that is average combat distance in this game.

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Because gaijin literally give russian tanks artificially buffed armor, that they don’t have IRL. In Real Life, M8292A Defeats russians ERA/RELIKT under 1,000 meters.

what game were you playing again? all i kept remember seeing and reading were soviet mains crying about the M1 Abrams and saying " wait til T80!"

No idea bro, my T-72B and T-90A rarely bounce a shot facing an equal br opponents mainly Abrams or Leopard 2, if I don’t die I either get breech/barrel damage or critically wounded to a point where I cannot shoot, even funnier my T-90A couldn’t take a hit from 9.7s without blowing up that’s why I vent my frustrations at the other thread I created, deep down I embarrassed when I constantly die with 0 kill when downtier to 9.7 (150sp initial spawn point), if Abrams downtier to 9.3 it’s a lot easier to avoid problematic situation by positioning your tank in a way where the weakspot is less exposed via peek over the hill and shoot then quickly reverse back, when I touched that tank I knew it has so much potential, remember the other guy in your thread has near 6.0 KDR on all his Abrams variants and he also plays USSRs and admit that they are indeed weaker overall due to the lack of reverse and bad gun handling which limits how far one can improve?

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Fair, because abrams when it was introduced was completely destroying soviet teams. This was even when t80u was added. But when soviets got shell with damage, nato team began cry about “russian bias”.

For nato soyboys balance is when american tanks killing all soviet players in turbo mode)


well i mean, everyone suffers from breech damage. Then you talk about downtier, when U.S Tanks up to 10.3 are using ammo from 8.3? Then you talk about weak spots, when every american tank basically gets lolpenned by 3bm 42???

You mean necrons? All he does is camp in sniping spots looking at peoples spawns. I saw someone wth a 4/1 kd in a ariete doing that.

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Nvm anyway ru ufp’s are buffed by over 100mm or armor
dm53 struggles to pen a t80U with k5 when it should pen it on over 2km range easy

must be hard to be a ru fan and still complaining when playing with fantasy level buffs to ru tanks
Meanwhile all nato tanks are far below there supposed armor…
Best example PUMA and ariete challys (that now get fixed… MAYBE )
leopard 2a5 pos and the 2a7v that has worse armor then 20 year old tanks because gaijin says so :D
Should we look at the abrums leclerc and others ?

Breech damage, T-72/80 getting breech/barrel damage compare to Abrams getting breech damage, who is less likely to escape such trouble? The one that has the most trouble escaping isn’t Abrams or Leopard I bet.

To be honest, you and me offered an opportunity to do the same and win big money if we managed to achieve 5 KDR in Abrams, I’m pretty sure both of us wouldn’t be able to do it, it takes more than just camping the enemy spawn to achieve 6 KDR, I will be very lucky to get a 3.5 playing 10.3, I don’t just downplay someone’s ability to discredit their skills. One of these days I gonna start an escrow or a small contest to win a rare vehicle for anyone who can achieve 6 KDR in a specific top tier vehicle within a timeframe to prove that they weren’t just farting lol


It’s funny to hear this from the councils that create a lot of posts from Leoparde A7 because they saw them T-80BMW cannot drink beer because of the lining. You are no different from US players, you constantly come (especially AlvisWisla) to posts about advice and understate your tanks, which are top 1 in statistics at any rank.


The T-80B(BV) is fine at 10.3, has current user. Object 292 should be 10.7 minimum anyway, with the 2S38 and the new T-80UD who is coming the next update (at least, 11.0, like the T-80 U in Sweden Sqn vehicule)

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it shouldnt, it has worse mobility and doesnt have thermals

Agava would like a word


For 10.0+

USA - 10
Germany - 6
UK - 13
Japan - 5
Italy - 5
France - 4
Sweden - 6

Let’s also ignore the dozens of thermals below 10.0 as well…

120x570mm DM13 can penetrate the T-80B’s hull from <600m. That can be found at 9.3.


Name me those MBTs that get higher than gen 1 thermals between 10.0 and 11.0, i will be waiting.

look at a spawn campers stats, this guy was sitting in my spawn on the vietnam map, I had him chase me around the rock, then i set him up and blasted him before the map ended. This is how people get high k/d win rates. They aren’t good.

then they want to mirror your tank lol