T-80 Bugs

You can also see it here(got to 2:02 if the time in the link does not work):

EDIT: That french M4 with the long 75mm has it’s ammo modelled in bulks, so it is also the same as the Tiger 2.
So you can’t say it is an “arcade thing”.

Ammo bugs aren’t found on Russian tanks only, here’s just one of many examples I came across recently.

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I asked for numbers. You know, a number is like ‘0’, ‘1’, ‘2’. You can even combine them, and get even bigger numbers, like “3452335425674”.

Now, on a serious note. I asked the guy, to show me how much explosive is in the soviet APFSDS projectile.

His argument was, that since it has propellant around the dart, it should explode.
I never said, that it should not explode.

My point was, that the exact same thing happens with the Brummbär, which has an ammo rack, with 13 shells that are modelled as a single piece.
I wanted him to say a number, that estimetes (or if he can find data, shows the exact amout) the propellant mass in the projectile, and then compare it to the combined explosive mass to the 13 HE shells in that Brummbär ammo rack.

His logic says, that both should explode, yet there are cases, when neither does. The point is, that 13 HE shells have waaaaaaaaaaaay more explosive filler, than a single soviet/russian 125mm shell, projectile propellant, and normal propelland combined.
Yet none of you guys whine about the Brummbär having disappearing ammo, instead of exploding ammo (in some cases).

I hope you can understand it now.

There you go. It is Challenger 1 tho, but they are the same, and whenever i am talking about them in this way, i am talking about all versions.

If the quality is crap, then wait a bit for YT to process the video.

Now THAT is irrelevant. I rest my case.

You know what “joke” is, right?
Anyway, here is the dictionary definition of it:

What do you mean?

Thank you for this wounderfully detailed explanition!
This opened my third eye, now i can see the future, and even beyond it!
I can manipulate matter and energy with my thoughts, and i became immortal!

Thank you so much!


Now on a serious note, please tell me why did you not address the actual, serious part of my comment?
Why did you just strawmen the obvious joke part, and said NOTHING to the meaningful part?

Peak dishonesty.

Almost as if everything you said after the first sentence was completely unimportant and irrelevant to what I was addressing.

What you’re doing right now is strawmanning me, but hey, it’s fine for irony to be lost on you, innit?

In any case, as I stated before. I rest my case. Goodbye.

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Your first comment was strawmening, and lying. But sure, i am strawmening you.

Then please provide me where did that guy with the screenshots SAY the explosive mass around the russian projectiles, and his estimate of a Brummbär’s HE shell explosive mass.

still Russia benefits the most from it so its “working as intended” :)))

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Well it literally is…

So 3bm42:

  • Projectile weight with additional charge: 10.8 kg
  • projectile weight: 7.05 kg

All you need to do is simple math: 10.8 - 7.05 = 3,75 kg

To sum up:

  • Weight of main charge: 9.6 kg
  • Weight of additional charge: 3,75 kg

What, this little guy?


Logic says the HE where the filler is behind steel shell casing few dozen mm thick would be way more difficult to detonate then the combustable casing of 125mm.

I heard that thing is peak bias material.
Beware when seeing it in the game.


Wooow. You did HALF of what i asked…

Yeah, because a shell going through a few pieces in the middle is not enough. You should not use more copium, it might be bad for your health.

This game can’t model everything realistically. Otherwise we ewould have to wait for 10 hours for each shot to be simulated.

Of course, the easiest solution would be to just blow up every ammo that has explosive in them, but, 2 piece AP(FS)DS shells should not explode if they get hit int the projectile. Same aplies to solidshot that has 2 piece.

I mean it is actually a very good tank, maybe even OP. Like it has 2.5s reload with good armor and mobility.
And it is at 2.0 (?), so you will see a lot of new players in it.

(but yes, i get the joke)