T-80 Bugs

Has anyone actually reported the following?

Shooting at a t80 ammo carousel is like gambling, it rarely end ups detonating. On the other side, it appears t80s run on hydrazine instead of diesel, resulting in fuel explosions being very common.

So, has this been reported and acknowledged, or is it being ignored as per usual




Its soviet.

For any other nation its a bug

For soviets, its an intentional feature


It’s not just the bvm though. Albeit the relikt is pretty cracked when it comes to sideshots


This just show the level of competency just below zero
non bias at all hah? no wonder why Soviet main are clowns

Ive stopped playing t-80s because i keep getting one shotted in the ammo


My comment on a similar post:

Ammo can disappear when one of these 2 things are met:

1, The ammo in the rack are not modelled individually

2, It is a 2 piece ammo

Which one does a soviet MBT have? IT HAS 2 PIECE AMMO!

Of yourse you guys don’t cry about a T-54’s ammo not blowing up, because it ALWAYS blows up. Why? Because each ammo is modelled individually, and they are single piece.

Don’t you think that “russian bias” would apply to ALL russian/soviet tanks?

This is peak confirmation bias.

Also you guys don’t seem to bitch about it when A Challenger 1/2’s ammo is not blowing up…

And btw, those types of ammos can disappear even if you shoot it with APHE. So now what? You will tell me that APHE is shit?


What are you even trying to say? Soviet two piece ammo is consisted of the Penetrator charge and the propellant charge. The penetrator is quasi case telescoped and it also has propellant


Those blow up before I even shoot them. Only the ariete is worse lmao


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Btw, we have 2 part ammo and even the none explosive bit is exploding at the moment



It does not answer the question

What the hell are you talking about? It always blowup when get hit the propellent what people see it hit and not explode are penetrator it non explosive Soviet tank can survive getting hit the propellent charge (the only nation i’v seen so far that survived BS like that) and man Soviet charge acting like DM63 already

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So if i send you a clip of it happening, what strawmen arguments will you use?

You’re welcome to try

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Challenge accepted. I am not at the position to play currently, but later i can try.

Take your time lad i’m not in hurry i wanna see where you hit them so i can tell the problem but i never see Challenger2 survived hit in the charge really i wanna see too if that even possible

It happens with the charge bags next to the engine.

Also, let me ask, what is your opinion on this:

Or this (go to 1:05 to see if the time in the link does not work):

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Hmmm the first one i really can’t comment due to i really don’t know how arcade works
But the second i do agreed it BS maybe because Maus are in state of bug because as you know that tanks are not in the game in regular tech tree anymore it possible that it might have some leftover bug or intentional due to that thing can’t be balanced lower BR it dominate increases BR in useless but still agreed it BS