T-72M4CZ: Dynamic Firepower

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The T-72M4CZ Main Battle Tank of the Czech Army.

  • Description :
    • The T-72M4CZ is a main battle tank that is produced in the Czech Republic, or Czechia, that is only used by the Czech Army. The history of the T-72M4CZ dates back to the original production of the T-72M1’s in unified Czechoslovakia. Production of the T-72 began between 1979 and 1980 by ZTS Martin and ZTS Dubnica’ nad Vahom. After the separation of the Czech Republic and Slovakia, T-72 servicing and production switched to the Czech Defense Industry, due to the previous two companies residing in the newly independent Slovakia. In the early 1990’s, a government contract was put out to modernize the Czech Army’s T-72M1’s with VOP 25, or Military Repair Plant025, being selected in 1995 under the codename ‘VETRA’. VOP 25 created two different prototypes designated the T-72M3CZ and T-72M4CZ with the only major difference being the T-72M4CZ was equipped with the NIMDA powerpack which significantly improved mobility over the T-72M3CZ variant. This powerpack consists of the 1,000hp Perkins CV-12-1000 TCA Condor V12 twin-turbo diesel engine that is coupled with the Allision XTG 411-6-N Automatic Transmission that provides high acceleration and is capable of 61km/h forward and 14km/h in reverse. The T-72M4CZ would eventually be selected to set the standard in the Czech Army for main battle tanks with production commencing between 2003 and 2006. Focusing on the T-72M4CZ specifically, it is equipped with a fully stabilized 2A46M 125mm Smoothbore gun with the 2E28M Autoloading system that increased the reliability of the T-72 autoloader. A new round developed by Synthesia Přerov dubbed the EPpSv-97 APFSDS-T features significant penetration capabilities of the older Soviet rounds was produced for the T-72M4CZ and can be fired from the main gun. Other rounds used are the 3BK12M HEAT-FS and 3OF26 HE-FRAG. It also features a NSV 12.7mm anti-aircraft machine gun, and 7.62mm coaxial machine gun for self-defense against light targets and low flying aircraft or helicopters. The 2A46M uses the Tank Universal Reconfigurable Modular System, or TURMS-T Fire Control System developed by the Italian company Officine Galileo, or now Leonardo. This features a 3rd-generation Thermal Imager and Laser Rangefinder for the Gunner as well as a panoramic, 360-degree capable Commander’s Independent Thermal Viewer (CITV) that operates independently from the turret. Also integrated with this system is the PCO SCC-1 Obra Laser Warning System which can notify the crew of incoming laser guided missiles or laser targeting devices. 4 of the Receivers can be seen on the turret and can be denoted by the black slotted cylinders. For armor protection, the T-72M4CZ uses a form of dynamic protection called Explosive Reactive Armor, or ERA. This ERA is the DYNA-72 modules which can be seen in the forms of rectangular blocks covering the turret and UFP which are capable of stopping modern APFSDS-T rounds as well as HEAT-shaped charges. Overall the T-72M4CZ is a massive improvement over the original T-72M1’s of the Czech Army, featuring multiple improvements in armor, mobility, firepower, and electronics. The T-72M4CZ continue to serve exclusively by the Czech Army. The T-72M4CZ however has yet to prove itself as it has not operated in a combat environment. One thing to note is that 30 T-72M1’s were upgraded to the T-72M4CZ standard with deliberations to either modernize the T-72M4CZ further or replace the vehicles entirely with a new MBT such as the Leopard 2.
  • Role : Main Battle Tank
  • Origin :
    • Czech Republic
  • Armament :
    • Primary: 2A46M L/48 Smoothbore Gun
      • Cartridge: 125mm
        • Ammunition:
          • EPpSv-97 APFSDS-T
          • 3BK12M HEAT-FS
          • 3OF26 HE-FRAG
      • Feed System:
        • 2E28M, 22rd-Autoloader, 37rds total.
      • Elevation/Depression:
    • Coaxial: 7.62mm PKT Machine Gun
    • Roof-mounted: 12.7mm NSV Machine Gun
  • Maneuverability:
    • Engine: 1,000hp CV-12-1000 TCA CONDOR Diesel Engine
    • Transmission: Allison XTG 411-6-N Electronically-controlled Automatic Transmission (4-Forward, 2-Reverse)
    • Chassis: Torsion Bar
    • Max Speed: 61km/h
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 9.880m (w/ Primary Gun)
    • Width: 3.755m
    • Height: 2.180m
    • Weight: 48t
  • Crew (3x):
    • Commander
    • Gunner
    • Driver
  • Accessories:
    • 12x 81mm VZ902 Smoke Grenade Launchers
    • SCC-1 OBRA Laser Warning System
    • Laser Rangefinder
    • DYNA-72 ERA
    • Entrenching Blade
    • ESS
    • NVD:
      • Driver: TNK-72 Day/Night Sight
      • Gunner: TURMS-T FCS Electro-optical Sight (3rd-generation Thermal Imager)
      • Commander: TURMS-T FCS Panoramic CITV (3rd-generation Thermal Imager)
  • In-game :
    • The T-72M4CZ is a solid main battle tank that can counter vehicles from Rank VII and below. It is equipped with the effective DYNA ERA which can stop both HEAT and APFSDS-T rounds offering solid protection. However, unlike a lot of T-72’s, it lacks the DYNA armor protection on the sides and LFP of the vehicle creating significant weak spots if exposed. It is only equipped with minor ballistics protection on top of using side skirts. The T-72M4CZ sports the same gun as most T-72’s, however it utilizes a unique APFSDS-T round dubbed the EPpSv-97 APFSDS-T with some sources placing the rounds effectiveness at over 500mm of penetration. The vehicle is also equipped with a 12.7mm machine gun capable of targeting low flying aircraft/helicopters. In terms of sights, the optics should feel very familiar as they are the same as those used on the T-72AV (TURMS-T) being 3rd-generation thermal imagers that are quite effective for night or long range engagements. Not to mention the vehicle uses the NIMDA power pack allowing for increased speed and maneuverability in forward or reverse with its 4-forward and 2-reverse gears, making this vehicle unique amongst T-72’s. Overall, the T-72M4CZ is an effective tank and if utilized without exposing its flaws, can meet most other vehicles head on but preferably in a hull down position.
    • The best home for this vehicle would be an independent Czechoslovakian tree.
    • Estimated Battle Rating: 10.0.
  • Sources:





The T-72M4CZ during training.


Tank crew of the T-72M4CZ posing with there vehicle. Note: On the left side of the picture the SCC-1 Obra LWS can be spotted underneath the 81mm Smoke Grenades.


Front view of the T-72M4CZ.


Rear view of the turret.


Interior view of the T-72M4CZ.


SCC-1 Obra Laser Warning System.


Video of the T-72M4CZ.


This addition would be awesome was arguably the best T-72 modification when in was first introduced in 2003.
And it can actually go 14 km/h in reverse, something the Russians still didn’t figure out on T-90M…
Big +1


Maybe for Israel? NIMDA was the lead of the T-72M4CZ project and this MBT has too much NATO stuff to qualify for being in the USSR tree.


This tank is way better than T-72AV, it has same fire control system as the TURMS but it has more mobility with that 1000hp engine, it gets DYNA ERA which stops both APFSDS and tandem warheads and it’s round is better than 3BM42

It’s 10.3 at minimum.

One more thing… T-72M4CZ has better transmission than T-72AV TURMS as well

American Alison XTG 411-6-N Transmission:
Gears ::: Ratios
1: 11km/h ::: 4.30
2: 16km/h ::: 2.90
3: 32km/h ::: 1.46
4: 64km/h ::: 0.73
R1 : -9km/h ::: -5.12
R2: -14km/h ::: -3.47


470mm @ 0m at 0°
274mm @ 0m at 60°

438mm @ 2000m at 0°
255mm @ 2000m at 60°

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Would love to see it in game but not as addition for Russia TT. Hopeful if there will be new TT which i hope will be mix of Czechoslovakian and Poland. That is the place where it should be.


Found these cool photos of the T-72M4CZ. One of them is equipped with KMT-72M4 mine-clearing device, while the other one has the NBZ-90 dozer blade

T-72M4CZ with KMT-72M4 mine-clearing device

T-72M4CZ with NBZ-90 dozer blade

Also, does anybody know what this device is exactly? Can´t find info about it anywhere. I figured it could be some kind of additional smoke launcher or something like that, as it seems like it has 60 charges (or whatewer those white things are) that can be removed from it, but i aint really sure (seems like those charges are too small to be smokes, and preety strong cables are attached to the device as seen in spoiler bellow)


Snímek obrazovky (1)

Device in question:


The device simulates tank firing during exercises with “OpFor”/other friendly units. There’s different models of it for different nations as well as some nations use laser designators to simulate firing. Many different ways can be utilized during exercises.

T-55M from Finland as an example as seen above the gun.


Oh ok. So it would be completely useless in-game, just a cool little cosmetic feature, got it. Thanks for help btw


Lol no worries. Yeah completely useless.

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52.9 tons is very heavy for a T-72, does it have extra armor besides the era?

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It’s in US tons, in metric it’s 48t. I’ll change it, not sure why I put it as US. Probably distracted from a U.S. source.

Edit: Corrected


XD, US tons and any imperial units should be eliminated.


Lol I agree, accidental. I use metric as you can see with the other dimensions listed, likely just confusion from a different source

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Yes if it doesn’t go for Russian tree. Hard no if it does. CZ tech should not be at the Russian tree.


its beautiful +1

Main Gun Signature Simulator (MGSS) used with things like the MILES 2000 laser training system. Basically there to produce smoke, flash and sound to mimic the main gun firing in training exercises
This type is made by Wescom and uses these little pyrotechnics

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+1 for Czechoslovakian tech tree

I’m very bad at reading, what type of turret armor this version has? the one similar to T-72A, or T-72B, or the T-72B 1989? because it seems a little heavy.

It’s a T-72M1