T-64A mod 1971 and T-62 are not suitable for 9.3 and 8.7

During the past times when they were in 9.0 and 8.3,the T-64A and T-62 were already out of date for the lack of auxiliary equipments.The T-62 has poor mobility and poor shells,it also did not have diastimeter.T-64A has the same problems such as lack of laser diastimeter and long rod APFSDS.It is puzzling that why their rates are increased.

I personally have not had any issues using both of those tanks (T-62 and T-64A) in their battle ratings. The T-62 doesn’t really need a Laser rangefinder, in my opinion, due to the high scope zoom and its high velocity. On the other hand, the T-64A has an optic rangefinder, which is good enough in most situations. Moreover, the T-64A boasts great mobility and armor strong enough to withstand a few hits. When you combine all of these features with its low profile, it makes for a great tank.