T-55 vs Merkava Mk2d vs CV90105 vs Type 96A

Need to use that LOSAT money, and I honestly can’t be bothered to wait for next sale and these packs do seem like a good deal combined with golden eagles.

Thought about maybe buying premium plane pack but honestly don’t think I’ve enough will to play top tier air RB.

I’m asking which has the best ratio of tank actually being good, good SL bonuses and stuff.

Also which is the least worst starter pack out of these nations? (china, france, italy)

All of those are decent but IMO the T-55AM wins, it doesn’t see the cancer af 9.3-11.0 matchmaker the other listed premiums do.
Plus it’s just a decent premium, and it’s cheaper than the other ones.
For starter packs, well it’s really up to you, the french crusader is great, china gets a t-26 (p crap tbh) and italy gets an M13 (meh at best IMO). Again, up to you.

France gets B1 ter as starter pack tank, that thing used to be unkillable on its old BR, rn its still pretty decent tho, the angled side armour bounces a fair share, and strong front armour is great as most guns still struggle to penetrate it.

Yeah, bought T-55, pretty fun tank so far.
And decided to spent what’s left on golden eagles, which I will probably use for premium time

Well, I wish u a good time with it, you defo won’t regret it.