T-55 AMD -1 And AM-1 belong at 9.0 if ZTZ88s are at 9.0

What is the reasoning for the BR change of the ZTZ88A/B? and why hasn’t the BR of the T-55AMD-1 and AM-1 Changed with them? The T-55 AM-1 features Extra Composite armor on the turret and Composite UFP compared to the base T-55. The UFP Composite armor on the T-55AM-1 and AMD-1 can stop HEAT projectiles for about 410mm at 500m; while it can Protect up to around 230mm against Dart rounds at 500m. On the other hand both variants of the ZTZ88 Can stop around 400mm penetration against HEAT projectiles and around 290mm (both at 500m) against dart rounds. some may argue that the Chinese ZTZ88 has a better performing round, On base penetration with the T-83-APDS it can penetrate around 337mm at max on the ZTZ88B, and 351mm on the ZTZ88A. (The T-55AMD1 has Active protection system instead of extra turret armor) Considering how similar both vehicles are and how both T-55 modifications have GUN LAUNCHED ATGM (that can kill M1A2 Sep from front 1 hit) why have The T-55-AMD1 and AM-1 not moved up to 9.0 or why have the ZTZ88 series not gone back down.


Because the ZTZ has better mobility, better APFSDS and better hull armor, NERA is much better than the metal polymer blocks which were nerfed a decent time ago.

More of a gimmick, its only useful against static helis at long range.

5mph difference in mobility, hull armor can protect 60mm more against APFSDS but is identical against HEAT. the APFSDS on the ZTZ88b Only has a better angle performance while the round on the ZTZ88A is considerably better. The gun launched atgm is not “more of a gimmick” it is very good against any threat it faces at 8.7 (excluding ERA) and it can 1 hit most anything at the BR . again, slightly better hull armor and a dart round with 20mm more pen should not justify a 9.0 BR where it constantly faces 10.0 vehicles. I think if the APFSDS difference, slight mobility difference and Slight armor difference can justify a 9.0 BR then Active protection system, composite armor on turret and gun launched ATGM should also justify a 9.0 BR. It is unfair against China, made post about the Chinese M60TTS being unfairly placed at 9.0 as well; it is a horrible BR bracket that makes the ZTZ88 useless without a down tier and it was the kill shot to Chinese 8.7 gameplay

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spite based BR is pretty funny