T-54s suck

This tanks are complete ass,they’re just out of place. It’s an early post WW2 tank constantly dragged against tanks with fully stabilized guns, sometimes thermals, atgms, little cancer wagons like the ush-405, Pvrbv 551, Raketenautomat, Tam, Turm III, Vidar etc… it’s BS. What hurts this tank the most at this battle rating apart from the absence of a stabilizer and the ass armor is the almost unreal ass turret traverse. It’s ridiculously slow, almost like a Panzer iv j with manual turret rotation. Other tanks suffer as well, M48-M60 for example. The Israeli 8.0 lineup has become useless. Would it really be a crime to put this tanks at 7.7? At least T-54s deserve a lower br imo, Tiger IIs can deal with them.


Yes. What we need is BR decompression, without BR decompression nothing can be done to balance it properly


Compared to other 7.7~8.0 tanks T54 and it’s variations are fine, but about 1/10 rounds will be against vehicles of it’s own BR. The 8.0 experience is actually just going against 8.7 vehicles that can and will kill not only you but anyone behind you with one shot.
It only gets worse if you dare to add a single 8.3 vehicle, have fun dealing with Begleits, XM1s, Rooikats, Centauros, Type 16s, AMX30 supers and so on…while you’re likely still using tanks based on design straight from the 40s.

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You should not be relying on them as your primary tank at that BR.
I would use the 8.0 ones to bolster my 8.3 lineup, your gonna get 8.3 tanks in your match anyway.

Russia has a very nice lineup at 7.7, 8.0 and 8.3, as I always say - not everything should be performing amazing.

Looks like a good lineup to me.

you should add the zsu57-2 to it, its a amazing tank hunter :D

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There is no reason to play it if you have the TO-55 lol

maybe if you have the mentality of “there is something better so i wont use it”.

Actually a common theme on the forum, then usually come the “please buff or reduce br”

which in turn leads back to “why would i use vehicle x if vehicle y is better?” but now referring to the br further down.

which in turn leads back to “please buff vehicle x or reduce br”

and you keep going around in circles.

just because something is better, doesn’t mean its bad or should not be used, its there if you want to play it.