T-44MS (1964): Updating the outdated

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Implemented how?
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The T-44M and T-44MS were modernisations of the T-44 tank produced from 1944-1947. As the 60’s were approaching, the T-44’s were starting to get outdated and needed improvements. The modernised tanks shared systems, components, powerplant and transmission of the T-54 tanks. The most noticeable difference of the T-44M from the T-44 was the usage of the V-54 with 520 horsepower (Old V-44 only had 500hp). The T-44MS was a further improvement of the T-44M equipped with even more equipment (which we will get in depth down below) . Sources suggest there were 2 of these prototypes built.

The tank:

This suggestion will be focused on the 2nd prototype because it had more equipment and tools compared to the first. The prototypes(1st & 2nd) of the T-44MS were equipped with the STP-2 “Cyclone” 2-plane main weapon stabiliser. With the stabiliser activated, vertical speed ranged from 0.07 to 4.5 degrees/s, maximum horizontal speed of 15 degrees/s. The tanks also used the standard TSh-16 telescopic sight for aiming. Due to the components of the stabiliser taking up space, the ammunition load has lowered to 35 shells. The 2nd prototype has a few things improved over the 1st, the noticeable improvements that affect gameplay includes:

  • Night vision equipment for commander and gunner. Gunner used the TPN-1 “Moon” and the commander used the TKN-1 “Pattern”. An OU-3 searchlight was also added in the commander’s cupola.
  • The vertical guidance(rounded values for simplicity) has improved from the 1st prototype’s -3 to 18 degrees to -5 to 18 degrees.
  • A footrest for the gunner was introduced, which improves gunner efficiency in-game
  • 2% more accurate aiming and shots.

Sadly, the vehicle was not accepted into service. One T-44MS survives till today, and is believed to be the 1st prototype.

In-game/ game play:

This vehicle will most likely be in br 6.7 or 7.0 . I recommend folding it with the T-44 in the main tech tree. Maybe even 7.3 if it gets access to post war 85mm HEAT shells, but none of the sources mention the usage of HEAT, so for now we presume it doesn’t. This vehicle will mainly excel in brawling, flanking and shooting on the move. Utilising its great mobility to manoeuvre around the map, avoiding heavy tanks front on and engaging them side on. You must also take note of the slower horizontal turret traverse of only 15 degrees maximum.


Dimensions: Same as T-44, except slightly taller with a night vision device sticking up.

Armour: Same as T-44.

Crew: Same as T-44, but loading will be slightly longer due to more cramped interior.

Primary armament: Same as T-44, the ZiS-S-53. But not sure if it has access to HEAT shells.

Secondary armament: 2 x 7.62mm machine guns.

Mobility: V-54- 520hp @ 1900 rpm, 57 km/h max speed

Weight: 32 tons

download T-44MS
T-44MS (2nd prototype)

Gunner’s station (2nd prototype) with increased amount of equipment


The first prororype that survived and was restored





Another T-44, the Russians already have enough vehicles…

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There are only 3 T-44 variants in game, this was a revolutionary tank design for the USSR, it certainly deserves another varaint in game, especially this modernized one.


What I mean is that their trees are already overflowing with vehicles. There are other priorities than another Soviet vehicle that Gaijin will mysteriously buff…

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Understandable, but I am sure other tech trees would get their fair share. Maybe this vehicle can be added in the future when other tech trees get more of their vehicles.

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+1 for 7.0!
With even better mobility than the original T-44 and a twin-plane stabilizer it would be incredible in CQB.