T-28 Damaging

Does anyone else have trouble damaging with the T-28.
The T-28 cant damage the Panzers track wheels and gears.

What Shell are you using? Also can we get a video or image?


Im using APHEBC.

Can you recreate it and send an clip or image, otherwise we really cant help you.

I don’t have a video but I cant understand why the panzer didn’t take any damage.

Aim better.

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What tank? Cause if you are using Panzer IVs none of them have an “APHEBC” only APCBC shell aka Panzergranate 39. Panzergranate 40 comes letter.


I don’t know, how the hell do you expect me to guess what tank or armored car you use when there are a lot of choices? For all I know you used the Panzerselbstfahrlafette Ic.

The title is T-28

The title is saying you damaging it, but it does not tell us what tank you are using.

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What tank were you driving?

The T-28!

Oh good, then its nothing more than a skill issue on your part. Learn to aim next time. Good Bye.

You have 67mm of pen to work with. Should be more than enough for the early panzers. Aim for the large flat plate in the front. Should one shot them 90% of the time.

How are you having issue with 150g of TNT on hands? It’s impossible!

Most early guns struggle to disable tracks because their shell size is small. Better to aim for the driver or the tank itself.


Don’t worry, the chap is extremely odd and later becomes aggressive, I removed that fool from my feed as he has issues. It was very clear what you asked for in your opening post.

It is BEST to ask for help in the “new player” section as you come across less idiots there.

On top of the rest of the information given (where to aim) you should know “track wheels/gears” are undamageable and I don’t believe any standard round in game will do anything to a vehicle if absorbed here.

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