T-14 Armata with 152 mm LP-83 Cannon

So Russia leaked that there going to make in the future the T-14 Armata. Would it basically be like a Re-issue of the Object 292?
« Le calibre 152 mm ne sera pas encore disponible » : les conditions de ...

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Is there clearly 152 mm? I heard only tryes for it.

Russia, as who in particular?
Some random clown ass media as newspapers or stuff like Military Girl “Is this normal…” ?
Or actual company behind development and possible future production?
You’ re most likely basing this off first.
Plus it’s not time for vehicles like this, 292 is a clear exception being literally based on T80BV without even K-1 being so weak against HEAT rounds.

If you really want T-14 with 152mm better look at past at Object 195.
Dont look at stuff like Object 477 (soviet tank project which later became joint project between a russian and ukrainian tank design bureaos, russian part being computers for drivers, engine equipment, gun), as IIRC it never was completed as it never had FCS.

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It’s been hinted for a long while the current T-14 is not the final product.
And that’s not a leak my man, that’s just a random picture from an arms expo.

That doesn’t look like an 152mm

Yes but with decent FCS.

It’s something that’s mentioned on Wikipedia, and as a crewless turret, I have no doubt that they can give it a higher caliber cannon from 125 to 152, but we don’t know exactly what cannon model is, like the LP-83.

Not considering the first paragraph I agree with you, 195 gives a way bigger advantage over T-14 Armata in-game:

  • Lower profile;
  • Almost unmanned turret, M1128 style;
  • Well known 152mm cannon;
  • Probably better protection (based on affirmations by Red Effect’s video about this issue);
  • 30mm top mounted auto cannon;
  • Radar for ground vehicles;
  • APS;

It’s a T-14 Armata but in a lower profile chassis if you look with attention to the details (probably a T-72 chassis based on the road wheels design)

In my opinion this one would be a better addition to the game over the T-14 Armata in both cannon configuration, I like those crazy prototypes, even more on this one, It’s so unique.

I’d say that T-14 Armata, due this state of in-development product, is always outdated to inaugurate the new MBTs generation, I can be wrong, but since it was shown to the public, it got 2 or 3 new versions updating some aspects, and I can assume there will be even more due the recent events (I don’t want to involve politics in this reply)

Due to the size, it’s the 125, probably a modernized version of the 2A46M.

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Not that K-5 is better than Monolith but this one seems to have (picture) ERA that’s is the same we have in-game for T-80U (on the side) and some unknown on the front and above the fenders (just like T-90M).

I also watched Red’s video on the subject. I doubt that it will roll into a drone infested battlefield like that, it’s as vulnerable as any tank to this threat. If it somehow does see combat as it is, I expect extreme field modifications.

Science Fiction

Just google statements about Armate from Putin himself or Sergey Chemezov, Head of Rostec

Should rename this to “T-14 Armata with 2A83” LP-83 was meant specifically for the 292. Also as far as I’m aware, the vehicle doesn’t exist yet, closest thing we’ll likely see is the Object 195.

T-14 Armata as a propaganda machine would be a shame begin destroyed in battlefield without any integrated drone jammer/advanced protection.

I may be confusing with something else but I’ve heard about these statement, but not from their president. But I don’t think is that Sci-fi think you said:

Recently the KNDS Unmanned Turret Leopard 2 was showcased:
And people be: “Wow!” about this prototype,

Also, more than a year, the KF-51:

And I don’t see anyone doubting about this machine,

And about Abrams X?

Like c’mon, when the subject is T-14 Armata people comes and say “Uhh, it’s not done yet.” about something that was officially shown almost 10 years ago, and I agree, but not on the way these kind of people (not stating that you’re) say, the war keeps evolving and a country in active war will be always improving their tools.

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No, it simply uses them, the powerpack is still of same found of T-14.
We already know that can rotate on spot, and most likely has reverse same as forward.

This is one of 2A82 gun’s modification, this being without bore extractor as thats useless for a crewless turret.
2A82 also boosts bigger pressure

T-14 armata seems like a proper funcional tanks the issue is that it went over budget during developement and mass production of it seems hard, i have no doubts on the leopard 2 ARC 3.0 because There are patents online and the turret has been shown before with a different look

I doubt Armatas will be ever adopted into full service and production. As far as I understand aviable statements and articles, the whole project is either frozen or even cancelled. They will continue to roll over the Red Square at certain holidays, but thats it.

Actually frozen due to the conflict,

I may be wrong but Uralvagonzavod announced that T-14 Armata production lines will be converted in T-90s and probably T-80s,

I don’t know about anything with Uralvagonzavod and T-80 MBT.


Lol i don’t get the info off of there i try to find legitimate info. Plus Wikipedia is for Noobs

So apparently the 152 mm Cannon is a prototype of the 125 mm cannon?

152mm cannon on T-14 Armata:
Танк Т-14 Армата: характеристики боевого танка, сколько на вооружении в России.


I don’t think so, it just wasn’t accepted in fully service, not a thing that’s common between tanks, it’s something fully functional but never used is large scale.

If 115MM was developed of 100MM, same with 125MM being developed from 115 MM, the 152MM gun was not developed of it.
152MM guns capable of firing APDSFS predate 2A26/46/82/66.
Object 120 had the gun in like 1958.