T-14 Armata mod 2021

I can still see Japan getting something like the K2


So far only 2A7HU, others should come irl first as plans can change.

There are also the other Strv 2000 proposals, might give em a fairly decent lineup.

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If the SepV3 get added unmodeled right there’s no point adding it, if they’re gonna give it 80’s armor again and another 10 tons.

Just like there was no point in adding 2A7V. Gaijin genuinely thinks the armor on German tanks hasn’t changed since the 80s despite being handed multiple sources and documents to prove that’s incorrect. (They wave around the Swedish tank trials all the time even though the 2A7V is a newly built tank not using the same turret, Hull, Gun, Optics, systems. It is literally a brand new tank but nope gotta go off outdated information from the 80s.

I’m surprised no one talks about gaijin refusal to make Stinger and Mistral missiles more realistic by pulling more Gs quite literally because the Igla can’t. But no Russian bias here guys Russians can make a report with two poorly placed shots on a 2A4 (2A4 we have uses a different hull then the 2A5 and up btw) where he got no spall and now boom all leopard 2s are nerfed.


Well you can take the existing DM53 model, crank up velocity to DM73 and see if its got enough pen to defeat Relikt tanks.


For Barak new FCS mechanism should be added, otherwise it would be a downgrade relative to current Merkava 4 models.

“Massively used”

Theres been a handful of sightings of it, almost always on T-90M’s.

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Or theyre too expensive and viewed as not worth the price

Nothing but a few armor mockups were built for the Strv 2000. More realistic Swedish top tier options are Strv 123A (still a few years out), CV90120-T with AMAP-ADS, Patria AMV with the HITFACT 120 turret, CV90 MKIV in various configurations, as well as potentially various Danish and Norwegian MBTs. Plenty for Sweden to have a T-14 equivalent lineup

Making me salivate…


T-72B2 would just be a T-72B3 with the armor layout of a T-90M (minus the welded turret).

It’s a 2A5 firing M322 with an additional composite package protecting the weaker hull and turret roof… Did I mention the full spull liner layout that covers EVERYTHING?

He argued with me about Russian will take prototye although russian maybe the last nation got it, most sidegrade like 72b2 or 219m-Le might get into the game first or copy paste 2023 version, most of their light tank version they want not even pass to production but whenever a russian vehicles that prototype or annoying to fight, they just moaning everywhere, like 14 T-14 existed, 1 KF-51 but then flaming Russian for being incompetent.


I know, I’m saying that in agreeance as I feel a stopgap between the 72B3 (relatively old model, especially when stock) and the 90M would be a great addition.

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I can help you if you want. At last information there are was around 25 Armata. Hello from Russia


What is that, 20 vehicles?

Where is it written? I can’t see it…

The contract not stated how many KF-51 gonna be made, that’s depend on both Hungary and German but mainly Hungary.

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