T-129 Severely Underperforming

In the past year and a half, since the addition of this helicopter, it has been already well established by the developpers and technical forum staff that they were not planning to fix the UMTAS missiles on the T-129. With claims of them performing how they should be and how it was a deliberate decision to not add other missiles like hellfires to not make it a higher br helicopter than it is. With additions of claiming the helicopter is supposed to be an earlier demonstration variant and not the present trim of the rotorcraft, despite the in game model being the one of the standard version.
Both the tech tree A-129 CBT and former pack premium A-129(p) wielding hellfires while also being 10.3, the T-129 is severely underperforming at 10.3 br with the UMTAS missiles being unreasonably slow with unbacked evidence to it, and worst tracking rate of a missile compared to any of the helicopter based atgms in game, not being able to hit tanks that are moving or turning, or any target which is within 1.4km of the helicopter. Even though the pack has been discontinued, there still are numerous people who had purchased this pack and are dissatisfied with their purchases, and can’t do anything about it either as the helicopter has not gone through any changes since it’s addition to the game.
With the current state of its armanment compared to both its other 10.3 variants in italian tree and other 10.3 helicopters in other trees in general, the T-129 needs to either go down in BR to make it a more reasonable vehicle to use, or needs its guided weaponry re-adjusted with better speed and tracking, or addition of hellfire missiles to its arsenal.


L-UMTAS is so broken that by the time my rocket hits its target, I boil the water for my tea.

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