T-129 Replacement

The B Version of the Turkish Land Forces consisting of 50 helicopters will be delivered in two configurations; Phase-I (29 units) and Phase-II (21 units). The T129B2 Helicopters in Phase-II configuration will have 39 new equipment compared to B1.





The main difference between the Phase-1 and Phase-2 helicopters is related to the Electronic Warfare (EW) systems and ability to use UMTAS F&F ATGM ammunitions. In addition to the current Phase-1 configuration, the Phase-2 helicopters include 9681 V/UHF (Very High/Ultra High Frequency) Radio and EW systems such as digital RWR (Radar Warning Receiver, capable of detecting the radar signals in C-J bands using Pulsed and Continuous Wave/CW), I-J Band RFJ (Radio Frequency Jammer, incorporates various advanced technologies such as Active Electronic Scanning Antenna/AESA), solid-state Power Amplifier & Digital RF Memory (DRFM), Missile Warning System (MWS), and LWR (Laser Warning Receiver). Phase-2 is planned to reach the best stage in terms of self-protection systems and communication systems.

At the meeting, it was also announced that the configuration of MilDaR Fire Control Radar which is planned to be integrated onto the ATAK Helicopter will be lighter and a quarter of its previous size and this new configuration of MilDaR will be demonstrated at IDEF 2019.

However, no clear decision is yet to be made on whether to mount the MilDaR radar, to be included in the Advanced ATAK (T129 Mk-II) Helicopter, under the fuselage, at the helicopter’s nose or above the main rotor mast like the Longbow fire control radar on the AH-64D/E Apache Helicopters. When the new MilDaR configuration is ready, the position of the radar on the helicopter is expected to become clearer this year.

An important milestone within the scope of the indigenization activities concerning the fire control radar which is a crucial power factor of the attack helicopters and which will acquire a critical capability to the T129 “Atak” Helicopters was accomplished. The acceptance of the Helicopter - MILDAR which was developed by Meteksan Defense, featuring Target Acquisition and Surveillance and Terrain Profiling characteristics, Turkey’s first fire control radar operating at millimeter wave band was accomplished by the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries’ Acceptance Delegation on 23rd June 2017. The Helicopter - MILDAR is expected to enable critical operational advantages to the Turkish Armed Forces such as demonstrating high performance under harsh weather conditions in which the performance of the electro-optical systems insufficient, gaining electro-optical systems in aiming at their targets and in weapon engagement, raising position awareness of the pilot under low altitude and low visibility operations. Helicopter - MILDAR with two primary functions such as Target Acquisition and Surveillance and Terrain profiling enables crucial advantages such as multiple target acquisition in high angular and range resolution, target acquisition and surveillance in slow scanning mode up to a 12-km range, navigation support and terrain profiling at a 2.5 km range.

For Helicopter – MILDAR, the flight tests of which were completed over the T129 “Atak” Helicopter, the radar’s position on the platform is aimed to be clarified and its integration activities with the weapon systems are planned to be launched in the following stage. Upon the completion of these activities, the serial production of the Helicopter - MILDAR fire control radar will be launched.

Why am I sharing this:
As you know, the Italian helicopter tree does not have a powerful premium helicopter. And unfortunately, the T-129 helicopter does not perform as expected… The reason for this is that the T129B1 version has been added to the game. I believe that if it is updated to the T129B2 version and its BR is changed accordingly, we can get the premium helicopter we need. A similar one was previously made for a Swedish premium vehicle…

In short:
Differences between T129B1 and 129B2: The newly added LWS, MWS and RWR computer behind the 20 mm gun, its design has changed with the new sensors added to the wing tips, and it has a firing computer to fire UMTAS F&F missiles. I am not an expert, so what I say is entirely my own theory, but the things mentioned above are quoted verbatim from the sources written by experts and whose references I have shared below.

T129B2 Picture published by the press indicating the location of the avionics and equipment:


we hope to see this killing machine in game, with our nation . Thanks


I wanted to bring up an issue that has been bothering me regarding the T-129 armament in the game. It appears that the missiles in the game are not accurately represented, as they seem to be much slower than they should be. I believe this is a critical aspect of the game that needs attention, and I hope it can be addressed promptly.

The T-129 helicopter is known for its agility and firepower in real life, and it would be great to see these characteristics faithfully replicated in the game. The slow missiles can be frustrating and impact the overall gaming experience. I understand that game development can be a complex process, but I believe that improving the accuracy of the T-129’s armament would significantly enhance the game’s realism and enjoyment.

I kindly request that the development team take a look at this issue and consider making adjustments to improve the gameplay for all T-129 enthusiasts. Your support and feedback on this matter are highly appreciated, and I’m hopeful that the game can be updated to reflect the capabilities of the T-129 better.

Thank you for your attention to this concern, and let’s continue working together to make the game as immersive and enjoyable as possible.

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Replacement will fix that issue i hope

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