SX2150K (PG87) - Competition Shooter

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TL;DR: An SX2150 modified to carry the PG87 for a military tournament.



The need for heavy duty military trucks exists for any military seeking to efficiently move large quantities of equipment over any distance. In the 1960s, China was quickly becoming one such military and the need for such vehicles was becoming more and more apparent. To satisfy this need, the Chinese government ordered the construction of two heavy vehicle factories; one in the province of Sichuan and one in the province of Shaanxi. The Sichuan plant produced the Hanyang CQ260 6x6 military truck in 1966, which was based on the French Berilet GBU and GCH series trucks which were imported into China in the early 1960s. The CQ260 was accepted into service later in 1966. Taking notes from their Sichuan counterpart, the Shaanxi plant produced the Shaanxi SX250 6x6 military truck in 1968, which was based on the Soviet Ural-375 and utilized a modified version of the CQ260’s cabin, however, due to technical and reliability issues, production and service was delayed until 1974, at which point the CQ260 was beginning to exit service. As time went on, the SX250 became more and more popular with the Chinese military, being adapted for use as anything from recovery vehicles to MLRSs. In 1990, the SX250 was redesignated as SX2150 to comply with a new designation system. In the mid-1990s, a program to upgrade the SX2150 began. This led to the SX2150K, which was fitted with an Austrian Steyr WD615.71 turbocharged diesel engine, and 9-speed transmission. This new engine allowed for the truck’s speed to increase from 70kph to 87kph. This became the new standard for the SX2150. On the 30th of July, 2016, the 2016 International Army Games had begun and China had entered as a participant. This event involved servicemen from various countries participating in a series of competitions. One of these competitions was named “Clear Sky”, which, as the name suggested, was a competition for anti-aircraft units. The 2016 version of Clear Sky involved the use of MANPADS and truck-mounted AA guns. The Chinese team’s truck was a SX2150K with a PG87 Dual 25mm Anti-Aircraft Gun mounted on the bed. It is unknown what happened to the vehicle after the event.

Place In War Thunder:

The Phòng không T-34, while incredibly interesting and fun to play, isn’t a Chinese design and thus has little place in the main Chinese tech tree, especially when China has its own designs to fill its spot. The SX2150K PG87 is one such vehicle. While it does have a large profile and no armor, its good mobility can ensure that it will rarely find itself in a disadvantageous situation. Most importantly, however, unlike the ZSD63, the SX2150K PG87 has easy access to ammunition, which would dramatically reduce reload time. Playstyle wouldn’t be anything special. You’d essentially play as a stock standard SPAAG. Spawn in, move to a spot of your choice, and aim at the sky. That being said, being spotted by aircraft or targeted by artillery would likely result in near instant death. If necessary, it is entirely possible for you to engage and destroy lightly armored ground units, although, your armorless nature would make this a last resort. Even though the SX2150K PG87 was constructed for competition shooting, both the SX2150K truck and PG87 AA gun are staples of the PLA, serving in significant numbers. It has a place in the main Chinese tech tree as a potential replacement or Chinese built alternative for the Phòng không T-34.


Armament: PG87 Dual 25mm Anti-Aircraft Gun

Dimensions: 7.12m, 2.52m, 3.05m (L,W,H)

Weight: 9490kg

Armor: None

Crew: 4 (5 if a co-driver is included)

Ammunition: Same as ZSD63 in-game.

Speed: 87kph

Horsepower: 256hp


Side View:


Rear View:



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very funny truck, suitable for low tier AA


maybe 4.7 is good

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