Switzerland should be released as its own TT

There is talk that Switzerland could be launched to fill the gap with other TTs, but Switzerland should have its own TT. Now I will explain why.

1. Switzerland has enough vehicles to build its own TT.

Swiss Ground Force TT(CaID)
Alpine Ground TT(CaID)
Alpine Aviation TT(T50B_BlackEagles)
Looking at these three TT proposals, you’ll see that Switzerland has enough vehicles to form its own TT. Switzerland has a similar or slightly larger number of vehicles than Sweden, and it would be terrible to have them distributed to different countries. There is bound to be a limit to the number of vehicles added as gap fillers (no more lines can be added to the 5 lines due to technical issues), but since there are so many vehicles in Switzerland, there are bound to be abandoned vehicles. This is ultimately detrimental to both Gaijin and the players.

2. Lack of military connections with other countries

Switzerland has maintained non-aligned neutrality with its neighboring countries for hundreds of years. And thanks to the steady development of its own weapon systems, it has created a variety of independently developed MBTs, armored vehicles, and aircraft. Most of these vehicles have little to no connection to other countries, and even if they do, designers simply participated in their production (technicians who escaped from France participated in the design of the D-3800 series). These unique vehicles go beyond the level of simply gap fillers.


…and has therefore (like Sweden) not participated in any relevant conflict - besides some (understandable) patriotic reasons, there is imho no need for a further “fantasy” nation with an own tech tree.

Fighting Swedish post-war stuff with actual WW2 planes or seeing Finnish 109s fighting German 109s is imho a joke - same as as the combined PRC and ROC stuff in the Chinese tree - how can you connect a war game which reality (to get emotionally attached) if not only the game play, but also involved nations are purely fictional?

I mean wt has nothing to do with reality, so why not - but imho there are no “technological milestones” (worth to implement) for tech enthusiasts in your list, at least in the (for me relevant) air TT.

In any case - gl with your project!


good lord the cope is hard in you.
There is many better trees then swiss out of all, swiss is quite low in the priority. Hell i would go so far and say its worse then Benelux, they have their complete unique cockatrill series at least and i hate the benelux tree with a passion already

that would go against your alpine concept then, if you name that as a reason dont suggest a combined tree


there are so many possible tech trees gajin simple cant reasonably add them all and swiss is just very low priority, when many of their stuff could simply be found in other tech trees.

And i am staying by the fact, your tech tree suggestion include non existing tanks which are only mock ups. First of all pls go trough all your vehicles and fact check their existence pls.
Before that nobody can reasonably take your tech tree serious

Additional Switzerland and germany share culture, language and border as well as diplomatic bounds. Which is plenty reason to add their stuff to germany as well

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In my suggestion, Austria is a kind of subtree concept. Sweden also received the Finnish subtree, so why not Switzerland?

Ok. Leopard 2A4 was developed by swiss lol

My Google translation was got shit for this part. What I meant to say is that Switzerland’s unique vehicles generally have no connection to other countries and are too numerous to remain at the level of gap fillers.

still would be different matters, hell german has part of the alps as well. If you speak about an alpine tree there is nothing against adding swiss to germany

now you are completly smoking sth

i said there is way better tech tree ideas, like korea, yugoslavia, benelux to name some. Switzerland is just low priority

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Sweden has Leopards, so I guess it should be a German sub-tree now.


Swiss vehicles work better as German event/premiums.

It’s just a temporary name. After being released as a Swiss tree, an Austrian subtree may be added, or it may simply be released as an Alpine TT.

What I was talking about was an independently developed vehicle. Was the Leopard developed in Switzerland?

Countries that experienced World War II and can fill the first rank, such as Yugoslavia, Benelux, and Switzerland, must be added first. Switzerland has a competitive edge similar to Benelux.

Switzerland also speaks French and Italian. Does that mean that Switzerland should be torn apart as if it were being sold for its organs?


You know Austria was a member of the Axis during WW1 and WW2, not very neutral xD

why? you dont seem to quite understand the concept of war thunder.
U know what makes gajin money? i can tell you its not low tier. Gajin makes money with the top tier tanks and planes. Additions are based on how profitable they are as well. The most players get attracted by the newest shiniest toy, not by the weird niche ww2 vehicles 80% of the people dont even know about. Gajins sells the premiums and premium time for profit. All those are being sold, so you potentialy can skip the whole low ranks.
In that case Korea with their own unique tank industry is way more intresting then switzerland

biggest part still speaks german and again from the start i said swiss stuff most likely will be spread under france and germany, just saying

I know. However, after Austria was defeated in World War I and World War II, all its limbs were torn off and it became a neutral country.
And Austria is a country that is somewhat related to Switzerland militarily.

We get a new nation more than every two years, there is just no way that Switzerland should be that nation over Korea, Yugoslavia, Iran, etc.


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i think that ones specialy meaned as possible israel sub tree which desperately needed

Not saying its a good option i am aware chile might be a better one

Yes, never mind a new nation, Israel is still terrible and incomplete

??? when did i ever mention it in this thread?

It was only a matter of time

i already did, those that count?

That hate boner of yours is poking out a bit too much, stay on-topic.

Switzerland has an excellent ground tree with an alright air tree to support it, it fully deserves its own tree despite greedy German mains.