Switch weapon selection won't allow me to fire my turret

I’ve been using the AH-1G in the Israeli tech tree and I’ve been trying to set some controls for weapons switching through the “switch primary/secondary weapons.” After getting it set up, I eventually cycled to turret armament and though I was able to select it would not allow me to fire it (Left mouse button for me should fire the selected weapon.) Even stranger was the fact that If cycled to “all weapons” it would allow me to shoot them. I also noticed that I was not able to cycle/select my rockets with primary nor secondary option, however selected on a different keybind it was able to fire just fine. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

You literally do not need to use select weapons function on AH-1G, but if you use it just choose exit selected weapon mode, T 3 5 7. Your problem solved

I want to have my gunpods separate from my turret so I can better aim my turret grenade launchers.

Last time i’ve play helicopter with grenade launcher turret . For some reason Gaijin didn’t let you shoot turret MG separate from 40mm grenade launcher turret. Or that they didn’t code them separately
From UH-1B + UH-1C experience.

Though i didn’t have any problem with fixed gun pod. In setting it call “additional guns”