Switch between Radar and IR missiles?

Hello guys,
if I take radar AND IR missiles in my loadout, is it possible to switch between them? E.G. if I want to fire a Radar missile at a target but my screen shows the IR missile currently, how do I switch to the radar missile? I literally dont find anything online but I saw it in a YT video. Please help! Thanks!

Sorry, this will sound very harsh or condescending but with a tad under 600 matches you’re already flying jets with radar and IR guided weapons?

I’m afraid you will struggle, as you face players with literally thousands of matches and tons of experience. Your question shows sadly, how little you still know about basic game mechanics, which is something you learn gradually by going through the ranks and learn how to use all those new game mechanics.

So I’d strongly suggest - especially if you feel overwhelmed and frustrated - to take a step or two back and fly lower tier planes to learn the mechanics, the maps and game modes, to be better able to survive the very competitive and challenging modern-jet era battles.

But back to your actual question: Check out this article in the WT Wiki, which explains in detail what you need to know about the topic of weapons selection: Weapons selector - War Thunder Wiki


Yes you can:

Bind “Switch secondary weapon” (I have it on R)
Bind “exit selected weapon mode” (You dont have to, but is rather useful)
Use “Switch secondary weapon” To cycle through your missile selection.

Wiki page explains the rest rather well

When you first use this you will probably find yourself in situations where you have selected the wrong missile and cant fire it.

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How are you seeing those stats? :)
i only know how to look at my own, how do i see others?

When you click on a forum member’s name, you see a “crossed swords” symbol with a number, that’s the amount of matches that player has played (with this account).

You even see how many battles the player played within the last week, and how long ago the last battle was.

Cool! Thanks! :)

See and that is problem the game created by giving low lvl players access to high tier content by credit card.

Same goes with all branches :(