Swedish Tiger II

Just comment what you think about it getting added.
Personally i find it great to get a nice 6.7 lineup addition.


Jesus, stop doing copy paste everywhere, you want Tiger to play with Germany.


That is kinda true. But Swedish tree doesnt have much copy paste (Finnish sub tree not included)

No from me.

Yeah this ^


I have to say that gaijin is kind of being lazy just copy pasting everything


Sweden 3.7 is a Sherman , T34 and a Panzer IV…No copy paste?


Why would sweden want a tiger 2 when they have russian and British tanks? And german at cold war era

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so,… sci-fi, therefore impossible to add.

One guy is just spamming me with reports.


TLDR: I hate copy pasted vehicles.

I find adding every vehicle to every TT distasteful.
What is the point of having 10 nations if the nations have all the same copy pasted vehicles?
China is a copy pasted USA/USSR
Sweden is a copy pasted Germany
Germany rank V+ is a copy pasted USA/USSR.
Italy is a copy pasted USSR and USA
Almost every nation has an F-16.
Jesus… what a mess. Especially in ASB as you have to get close to ID the target via spotting system, instead of ID the target trough a vehicle type.
I will never change my opinion that adding the last 5 nations as standalone trees was a bad idea and that the worst thing that happened to WT was removing historical match maker because of it.

Maybe if we had a vehicle based matchmaker. Meaning if you queue as a German Mig-15BIS you will be grouped up with soviets, but if you queue as a German CL13, you will be grouped with USA and both Mig-15BIS and CL13 will fight against each other. Playing as a CL13 with USSR on the team against USA just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth and I long for the good ol´ times of 2017-2019.

This Swedish Tiger 2 case is just on another whole level. Did Sweden used the Tiger in it´s armed forces? No. Did it use it as a target practice? Yes. Does it mean we get can add the entire USSR TT to USA? Probably. Do I hate it? Absolutely.

Or maybe I am just getting too old.

INB4 but muh nation deserves to be in War Thunder!!1!!1!
Yeah? Well if your nation is majority copy pasta, then they can be added as vehicle skins for the already ingame nation.
But naaah, Gaijin went this route, because it was a cheap and efficient way to introduce another multi million RP grind. Horrible.


I said Finnish sub tree not included so only the sherman

I understood from TEC the tiger II p is getting added

Not reading all that

This is based on IRL countries their will be copy and paste


And look it up on Google i am not gonna look it up it says smth like that they acquired some to test in the 50s

Tests and service are 2 different things.

And btw,… in the 1950’s better tanks where already everywhere,… → KT had no chance to be added in Sweden Ground army.

Current trials were to drive it to test Propulsion technology,… and then it served as a Shooting range target → nothing here shows that this particular tank should be available insm sweden TT, as this KT was nothing else than a way to test in order to create the new swedish model.


But before this gets in a (angry ass) discussion thank you for your opinion

and even at that the sherman is a premium

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And it’s incorrect as it’s an M4A3 hull in-game… but that’s something for another topic.

And btw the xp50 bv155 and other of those rare event/premium vehicles where never in real service there was only 1 built. And that it was is the 50s makes no difference in war thunder(br system)

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All of those are “home made” vehicles added to their respected country, this example would only work if the XP-50 was added to Japan because it entered the airspace once (in a fictional world)

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The swedish Tiger is different to the others from what i saw on the internet