Swedish tanks

I want to build myself a good 2.7 lineup with sweden, but im wondering which tank to research first. I’m thinking of either the bt-42 or pvvlv fm/42.

bt-42 is extra funny, research it first

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I highly recommend this boi, the Spj fm/43-44.

Like the BT-42, it is a “derp cannon”. It’s 150mm HE instakills basically anything at the BR with no need to aim for weakspots or anything like that.

The reload is fairly long though at 20-15s, and the shell is slow so it has a fairly pronounced drop. Compensating for it will take some getting used to, but it’s very rewarding when you do score a hit!

I usually set my sight at 250m, which is a fairly average engagement range.

Please excuse the shameless plug, but here’s a compilation I made using this thing.

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Get the Lvtdgb m/40 and the L-62 Anti II. Then pick up the EH.

In terms of air you get the B-18A bomber.

The two anti-air pieces is all you need, just keep in mind to mostly use the APHE belts with the lower pen than solid shot. Its both anti air and anti-tank. Keep some of the default belt for the occasion you need to deal with a KV-1.

Thats all you need for a clubbing 2.7 Sweden lineup