Sweden's Helicopter Grind is Outrageously Steep! (every nation really is)

The struggle is real, especially when it comes to Sweden’s helicopter grind. Let’s break it down: a whopping 360,000 research points just to unlock the HKP9A? And that’s not even the end of it. Brace yourselves because the AHS, the Swedish Apache at Rank VIII, demands a staggering 400,000 research points!

Even with the new feature progress still is at snail pace!

But wait, there’s more! Compare that to a Top Tier TT Vehicle - the Ilmatorjuntaohjus 90 M in Rank VIII also requires 400,000 research points. But that has the advantage of having an easier grind It’s insanity!

HKP3C Is so bad as a starter vehicle. Grind takes so long, its even classed as the worst helicopter in WT. Why god why did Sweden not use Dumb rockets for their Helicopters!

Might as well add the BELL 412 SP ARAPAHO from Norway with two 7.62 Miniguns in the side doors! That thing could at least be used as a Anti-helicopter helicopter!

We’re talking about an absurd grind for vehicles that may not even live up to the hype. It’s time to call out the grind for what it is: excessive and downright frustrating.

Its been so long since helicopters was implemented and still nothing has changed!
Let’s come together and demand something be done. Sweden’s helicopters deserve better, and so do all nations.

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Sweden shouldn’t have the Apache and havoc to begin with


Yeah they don’t even really use attack helicopters irl. Puts them in a rather weird spot in the game, just like the Japanese heli tree being the way it is because the lack of domestic options (some has suggested the Kawasaki OH-1 but that was only ever armed with AAMs so lol)

Italy has it even worse lmao. You spend the 370k RP on a 24D only to be kicked in the balls by the A109
But yes helicopter grinds as it stands now is a goddamn chore. I’ve kinda gave up on all hopes of it ever being improved, they already dumped the grind on ground units and the recent spam of high tier premium tanks kinda makes premium helis redundant. Why bother spending your money on a premium that can only grind ONE tree while you can get a Click-Bait and grind BOTH the ground and heli trees with it

There’s just no viable (or fun) way to grind helicopters. I wouldn’t mind PvE having the shit rewards it currently has if it at least isn’t the hair-splitting kill-hoarding affair it is.

Unless you’re for some reason really obsessed with helicopters (like me) of course.

Heli pve is hella chill, i dont know what lobbies youre in.
Just fire a couple hellfires k’s on rolands and rocket the base, and you get max activity for the block

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Actually bases are even more viable now that they completely removed the Falcons/Rolands guarding them. It’s probably the only viable way to get points if you have 6+ people in a match though…good thing you dont need that many points to get maximum rewards (as long as you stay alive that is)

Though I do like getting some action every once in a while by going after opportunistic targets… unless there’s multiple Kamovs. Which sorta circles back to the kill stealing thing. Bases are good and all but they’re also a rather boring way to grind.