Sweden painful

Sooo,I got bored of china because it really isn’t my playstyle but I kinda feel like japan is my playstyle but is it actually good?

Kind of. You have excellent post-pen damage since your rounds tend to have good HE filler, but you just have to know that you have virtually no armor and subpar mobility. But for the sake of discussion, what is your playstyle?

It depends where you are in the game. If you’re brand new, absolutely not. If you’re more experienced, maybe. It has a fantastic air tree, one of the best in the game, until rank 5 where it becomes bad, and rank 6 it becomes awful. Ground is painful the whole way through, though it does have some super fun lineups like 4.7.

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It’s an okay nation, not the greatest to start off with, though the Ho-Ro is an exception. Once you get the Chi-Ha Kai and Ho-Ni I it gets much better. I’m not personally a huge fan of the rank IV area, but the rest of the tech tree is enjoyable, with the only issue being a lack of vehicles / lineups in some areas.


Japan’s pretty average there. Sure, you got things like the Na-To, but Germany probably got the better “sniper” overall though. Hard to beat Dicker Max/Eturer Emil as a lower tier tank destroyer.

I got really bored of germany I’ve reached 8.0 haha

Ah, you did Germany as well! Then yeah, you probably experienced one of the better sniper nations. Maybe you got Italy to some extent since you got the mobility to relocate…and Sweden is held as the best nation right now but I can’t speak for it since I haven’t tried that. Overall though, I don’t think Japan is sniper-oriented but more…all around-weaker-with-decent-shells.


its so painful to grind sweden

God no. Their reserve and low tiers are solid, but everything after BR 2.3 is a nightmare.


In my experience, the nation stereotypes are:


  • Pretty good all rounder
  • Poor pen at times


  • Very strong offensive capability and defenses


  • Stalinium curved armor be upon ye
  • No depression


  • You are either a decent light tank or a crawling bunker
  • Want to watch a magic trick? Let me make this sabot round disappear


  • Refer to above discussion :D


  • No clue, haven’t played, haven’t encountered them much either


  • Speedy boys


  • Abysmal Rank 1
  • Autoloader OP


  • Poor lower tier then you proceed to have post-war vehicles when other nations are learning how to achieve good tank design.


  • no idea.

I love the german sterostype

atten to ze map!

Holy shit I’m gonna die from this sweden grind