Sweden naval

There is some chance to Swedish navy in game?

Got sum Sweeeeish floatie planes you can paddle around in.

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I have not seen any datamine or other info hinting that Gaijin is working on a Swedish naval tree. I would expect that China will have greater priority for… obvious reasons.

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WHAAAAT China boats???

Well yeah, China has been around longer and also has enough boats so it’s likely a higher priority

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Sweden had a bigger navy in WW1/2. China certainly has a bigger navy now, tho!

I believe they have long boats, i dont think they are in game yet 😜

It’ll probably come, eventually, but don’t hold your horses. It won’t be soon.

And floating heli


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During the interwar period, the Chinese had a number of cruisers. However, since they were not as large as the major naval powers during World War II and played relatively minor roles, they were not covered in the media and received much less attention as the land and air forces.


I believe all nations get their navy eventually. In next couple of years…