Sweden CAS options in Different BR''s

This Post is to discuss sweden’s current situation in the CAS topic,for different BR’s of course but currently I’ll just talk about 3.7 GRB sweden

-3.7GRB: this BR is a very good BR for sweden ground in general but it really Lacks in the CAS department and sure while there is the J26 but not a lot of people grinded that vehicle when it dropped,and if you want to pick it up currently it’s selling for 15$ which is insane amount of Money for just a rank 3 premium plane and it’s Absured like why do i have to pay 15$ just to get a vehicle that has CAS options? not even a dedicated CAS plane just a fighter with bombs while other nations gets planes with 1000LB bombs at 3.7 and LESS br’s casually while sweden is suffering in CAS at that BR(in the entire Low tier Air to be Honest),so i don’t know what options they can add to fix this problem but can we please just get a good 3.7 CAS i am really tired of the J22B and Also why it’s even at 3.7? a plane that has bad performance and no CAS options compared to something like P51C-10

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Well the A21A-3 but that is 4.3 or the B18B but that isnt all that great with bare minimum armament of one 13.2 mm