Sweden air squadron vehicle

So, I’ve wanted a Squadron vehicle for Sweden air for a while, and I have an idea.

The Saab J35J(F-2 modified)


Gets a IRST module, and a SARH missile known as the RB27, a Modified Hughes AIM-4 Falcon, with an IRST mode, and a 9.7 km range. I believe it has the M/75 cannon with tracer rounds. It gained two extra hard points, and drop tanks, and carries up to 6 AIM-9P3’s (RB24J).

Any thoughts or idea on it? What should be changed, and how should it be implemented if not as a squadron vehicle?

Should the J35J come to the game?

  • Yes
  • No

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I would rather have the J 35J, the last variant in Swedish service, be in the normal research tree, rather than as a Squadron vehicle.

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It would fit in the TT just fine, I just think Sweden needs a squadron vehicle for air, and this would be my top pick because of its armament. I feel like we should get another Draken in the TT if this one comes as a squadron. I’d ranther have the Gustav variant in the TT so we have a fighter and an “attacker” in the TT for the Draken, and a interesting aircraft in the Squadron position, similar to the T-80U for the ground.

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The Saab 35G was only a reserved designation. There were never any Gustav models built.
War Thunder should not, under any circumstance, add more fictional/non-existing vehicles. (The fictional/fake vehicles already in the game should be hidden and or reworked into real vehicles.)

If Sweden should have a Saab 35 Draken as a Squadron vehicle, I would suggest the J 35F1.

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Squadron wise maybe the danish Draken with bombing capabilities

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Id accept it, Im running out of squadron vehicles to research :D

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