Sw_K9_Vidar 7.7 realy?

Although the Vidar is absolutely a beautiful tank, I’m sorry to say it but at 7.7 it’s too low, I’ve seen it oneshot a Tiger 2 head-on and not even on the turret, and my T-54 on the turret which is the most resistant part I have . it’s too over pressured to put it into battle with tanks at 7.7 calculating that in the dow tier it would reach 6.7, they have to put it at least at 8.0 maybe even 8.3. but I think it’s excessive 8.3

gaijin always does this since they are the greediest company to exist on earth.
They release an undertiered premium vehicle so that everyone buys it and it stomps on everything and then three months later goes “whoops, we had no idea it would do so well! lets put this vehicle where even Hellen Keller could have told you it should be”

Just give it a few months so gaijin can get their shekels and then fix it.

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Meanwhile I hit a Ferdinand in his rear hatch and it does nothing - even though an ISU-152 IRL can shatter its front armor.

GAIJIN MOMENTS, because so far I’ve seen him destroy everything with one shot if you shoot well