Suspicious players in the leaderboard

The leaderboard shows players with “strange” statistics. These players have a high win percentage, but suspiciously low battle activity. These accounts are different from other top players. It seems that these accounts belong to the same person. Could you please explain whether such results can be achieved in an honest way and whether it is fair that such “smart guys” are at the top of the leaderboard?

Because you have selected winrate percentage as your metric and it doesn’t allow any standard for games played. None of the players you have highlighted have very many games played, like at all. This skews the statistics as there is no “base” game number requirement or option, so you get literally everything. If you go to your own stat card - Service Record and do the same search, I would wager you have more than a couple vehicles that look exactly the same way. Unless ofc, you spade everything and play several games with them. Otherwise, you’ll have a few too I imagine . . . I have many . . lol


Your comment doesn’t explain their super-high victory rate given that they were not active in combat. I looked at the stats of the Top 20 players, all of them were active and held the highest positions in the team. The accounts I’m talking about were not active in the battle, and they were “lucky” to be on the winning team every battle. Moreover, judging by the nicknames, it is all the same person.

Shenanigans at play me thinks

Edit: The below bases on assumption of 11 won games out of 11. But further screens clarified the exclusive win streak to be of length 1000. Such streaks can’t be done by below method.

Sure it does. All they have to do is to create an account which will participate in say 11 won games. Then they never touch it again and have it sit in the top.

How will they win 11 games in sequence? They squad up that account.

What if they fail? Next email, next account.

You want the first place? Use Absolute_Godess and proceed as I told you.

You don’t know what you’re talking about. With 11 battles, you won’t get on the leaderboard, even 20 or 50 are not enough, you need to have about 100 battles. Now explain how these players won 1000 battles with zero activity? What is the probability of such “luck”?

I see.

Squadding? But they would have to be bound to someone else up there.

Nonit is a statstics trick. A cheap one. There is a good video on this subject

12 years old but still brilliant. Nothing new and it happens all the time in other games too.

They make lots of accounts, start battles but do not really partake in them. If the team loses they start a new Account. By chance alone they eventually get over 100 wins without doing anything. Since they don’t partake they even can run the Accounts simultanously.

It’s just for their ego to be on top of that list and it means nothing.

They may have played as a squad, but when you have a squad that does nothing, you are more likely to lose.

You can have 4 players in a squad. The others could do the winning.

The top 100% real players surely play squadded.

I often wondered if the major Youtubers like Oddbawls do this. Surround themselves with companions to cover them and make them look good,give them the heads up. Is that possible? Or maybe they play twenty games until they get a good result and put that one on YouTube but dont mention the failures.

I agree, many players on the leaderboard have won so many battles just for the sake of their ego. But they did it honestly, without breaking the rules and using their skills. In the case of these players, it seems that they used some kind of trick to get victories without being active in the battles.

I know one player from the top 20, the best result they could achieve was 170 wins in a row playing as a squad. But everyone in the squad was a top player and was maximally active in battle.
I think they found some kind of trick related to matchmaking.

But we talk n=1000. Good luck waiting for that streak at 50%.

What irritates me more is something else:
They have 0.4 kills per spawn but an average score of 11.

We may just be looking at an error in the tables configuration.

It may be a mistake in the table, but the fact that this mistake allowed a group of players to be in the top 10 indicates that the game’s bugs were deliberately exploited.

I think any youtuber do that kind of stuff not just this game Tarkov WoT CoD etc.

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Watch the video i posted. It sort of is a trick, but not a trick in the sense that they tricked the game.

It’s a trick using random chance. Nothing to write home about.

Sure, but it will happen eventually… Guaranteed.

So it has nothing to do with luck, it’s fairly simple math.

By the way n is usually the number of repeats not number of victories they need.

In this case it wouldn’t be n=100, but n → infinity

I asked the evil artificial intelligence what the probability of such an event is, given that a passive squad increases the chance of an opponent winning, we will assume that the chance is 50/50.
This probability exists, just like the probability that a teapot flies in the orbit of Jupiter.