Survivability of the Pantsir Truck

Can it be please reduced? How can just the driver be killed with a full hit of an ATGM into the drivers cabin? Its just unkillable with ATGMs.



Shitty Gaijin damage models. Affects everyone but Sergei and Ivan benefit the most from it.


Dunno, my flarak truck desintegrates already when a FFAR hits the ground next to it and this thing even eats 120mm heat shells from my Leopard 2.

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Lack of hullbreak

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It sucks because of how hard it is to hit the pantsir before it hits you lol

Its missiles are way faster and out range us. Nothing makes me happier when I destroy them in my 1z. We have disadvantage. Considering there is always a k-52 in air that also out ranges us. 😎

Same situation occurs when you use AGM65D’s thats why i always send two Mavericks to Pantsir while im using my F-16C.

Tor-M1 doesnt get killed by one Maverick as Well.

It’s an issue with separate crew compartments.
I bet it’s an engine limitation, cause this impacts other vehicles as well, tho I forget if Flarakrad has separate crew compartments as well.

Overpressure is a superior system, but there’s clearly issues when translating it to all the crew compartments of a vehicle.

Granted, I just ignore Pantsirs personally cause jets can’t be hit by Pantsirs when flown at mach 1 correctly.
Doesn’t help with helicopters of course sadly.

It should be more vulnerable. Sometimes it gets hit by all my 8 ATGMs without getting killed.

Another driver-only kill.

Here I shot 4 Pars at the Pantsir and it still lives.

Last time I used 120MM HESH, just gave me a hit…


It checks out.

Same for me with 120mm HEAT.