Supply Helicopter Payload & Reinforcing Cap point

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Supply Helicopter Payload & Reinforcing Cap points
Copy of my post from the old Forum

The Idea:

My Idea is for transport helicopters such as the Mi-4 and the UH-1 (nearly every country has a UH-1 in their tech tree) to have a new loadout which would represent carrying troops and supplies (at the cost of not being able to carry weaponry [Or a lot less]). This would be another great way for people to grind helicopter and be useful to the team long term.


If the helicopter has that loadout selected, the helicopter can land anywhere in the map and set up supply zone (Maybe use the Cargo model from the Old D point) which would just be a circle area (like the cap circle) that the tankers can rearm. The amount of rounds that can be reloaded on the point can be done this way:

  1. Depends on how much the helicopter is able to carry (kg) tanks can resupply from that zone more (e.g. Mi-4 can carry more than the UH-1 so the supply point created by the Mi-4 can resupply more rounds)
  2. For gameplay reason, supply number is used instead of rounds e.g. Mi-4 can create a supply point with supply number 50 (and UH-1 40 since it carry less). Tanks with 75mm or less calibre will take only 1 supply per round while tanks with guns from 76-105mm would take 2 and 105mm+ would take 3 to represent the fact that the bigger the round the more heavy it is and more space it takes without having the real life issue of micromanaging which type of rounds to bring (especially when NATO and Warsaw is on the same team)
  3. If it is possible, I would like to see the ability to resupply crew to tankers even if they do not have in researched or have run out. Each of these crew resupply can take 10 supply number (more or less depends on balancing)
  4. Probably won’t happen but to make this even more attractive, you can resupply FPE inside these supply zone.
  5. These zone can be destroyed by shooting the cargo object in the centre of the circle (12.7mm round minimum, no single 7.62mm round killing the whole zone).

However another option will be available for more daring pilots, if these helicopter somehow manage to survive and land on a friendly cap circle, they can reinforce the point with AI anti tank emplacement (e.g. the SPG-9 from world war and AI event). This can be done through “Capping” the point a second time (to represent troops deploying from the helicopter). Of course the pilot has to decide between creating a resupply point and reinforcing a point. The amount of emplacement that is added to the point also depends on the carrying capacity of the helicopter. So e.g. Mi-4 can carry 2 spg-9 while UH-1 carry only 1 (just an example, not based on real life carrying capacity).

To represent how many anti tank emplacement there are, you can do it through splitting the second circle into 360/amount of emplacement. So in the fourth picture, there are 2 emplacement, so each emplacement represents half of a circle (360/2 = 180), when one is destroyed, half of the circle goes away.

These points can be reinforced again up to maybe a max of 4 emplacements.

(Halfway though second capping)

(Supply zone in blue)

(Black circle = reinforced point, red dots are anti tank emplacements)

(X represent dead anti-tank placement, note how half the circle is gone)

RP and silver lions can be gained from the following:

  • For supply zone, RP and silver will be gained when the point is created. Then when tankers go resupply more RP and silver can be rewarded (per each supply number).
  • For a reinforced cap, points can be gained from deploying the anti-tank emplacement, then getting an assist worth (or kills depends on dev’s balance) every time the AI kill something. RP and Silver lions can also be gain from your emplacement being destroyed (in case the AI didn’t do much before dying at least reward the player for something)


  1. Potential new Helicopter lines for transport helicopters like the CH-47 Chinook or the CH-53 Stallion which would normally will very unlikely to be in the game (Imagine underslung cargo or carrying an underslung m22).
  2. Can be added to Helicopter mode (maybe future PVE as well) as a side mission for bonus points.
  3. Solve the issue (high tier at least) of low ammo tanks (e.g. Type 60ATM) especially with maps that only has one capture point.
  4. Ability to resupply FPE and Crew in a balanced way (Have to go back to the backline to resupply Crew and FPE instead of being able to infinite resupply on cap points which makes you hard to kill)
  5. Another way to grind helicopters. This way is helpful towards your teammate while not nuking that unlucky tanker at the start of the match if they don’t have any AA.
  6. attract players like me who likes to actually fly logistics mission.

Things that may come up later:

  • What if the emplacement is too OP
    • Answer: Artillery will absolutely destroy unarmoured placements.
    • also the devs can make the placement deploy facing only one way so that flanking is an option

(anti-tank emplacement Firing arc allow player to flank if no arty is available.)

  • Also not all zone will be able to reinforced due to the environment, in this case C will almost be impossible to land due to buildings.
  • What if it encourage camping in sniper spot even more
    • Limit extra crew resupply to 1 (2 in total if you researched it) which is more than enough for a single life.
    • Make resupplying slower the more people is in the zone to represent logistic personnel struggling to resupply multiple tanks in the zone.
    • If you can sneak a light tank close enough , artillery can be called down to destroy the resupply zone (for example, in the Poland map, you can have a light tank drive through the town and call artillery down on sniper’s ridge. or just shoot it if you have LOS)
  • Probably more to be add here

Future things that can be added:

  • Ability to upgrade a supply zone to a FOB with anti-tank emplacements through doing multiple supply runs or coordinating with other pilots.
  • Underslung cargo at Heli bases that can be carried such as heavier Anti-Tank, AI light vehicles, etc.
  • Using tow mechanic for transport helicopters for player controlled light tanks (probably gonna die doing this).
  • Transport Planes, Where you can parachute drop supply crates with planes like C-47 which creates resupply zone where it lands.



Instead of using a loadout, i think it should be based of how many troops it carries IRL. E.g. Mi-24 carries 8 troops, which will make capturing 2 sec faster(0.25 sec per troop)
But +1 for transport helis


The thing I was suggesting was reinforcing caps. So troop numbers/carry capacity could be used to determine how many emplacement (World war mode and some events have SPG-9 and stuff) will get put down when the helicopter reinforce the point. In the case of creating a supply zone, the amount a helicopter can carry will determine how much tanks can resupply from the point before running out. Also it could be something separate from a loadout, carrying fully kitted troops (Or emplacement case a SPG-9 + ammo) is heavy after all, you might not want to carry the full load if you want to maneuver so some sort of way to determine how much you bring would be nice.

From the old forum the user Acroute did suggest using a special call in like in ground AB where supply helicopter is something a tank can call in.
From that idea you could have something like a drone system where you need certain amount of SP to spawn in a supply helicopter.