Supplementary Simulator Battle 7.0~Chinese vehicles in the queue

Hello everyone, this topic is about suggestions for simulator combat. Supplement to the vehicle lineup of the 1950s and 1960s. also be said to be a 7.0~queue.

It can allow more players to join this simulated battle. welcome everyone to share their opinions and hope that developers can pay attention to this issue.

In the list displayed in the image, the BR range of the vehicles is mainly concentrated around 7.0. But the minimum BR value can also be as low as 5.0, such as PT76, obj211, M41A3. Many vehicles have a BR of around 6.0. For example, T34-100, M26, STA-1, SU-100

In this case, there are many vehicles missing from the queue to choose from.
Some vehicles of the same type also did not join the queue. For example, BTR-ZD can be used in the queue, but ZSD63 cannot be used. They use the same weapon (23mm gun)

Therefore, I hope to add some Chinese vehicles within the BR range to this list to supplement the Red Team lineup. At present, they can only use light tanks, and the choice of vehicles is too limited.

Suggested vehicles to be added include:

IS-2 (1943), IS-2 (1944), ISU-152, ISU-122
(These large caliber guns can still deal with vehicles around 7.0, providing China with the only option for heavy tanks)

T-34-85, M64
(Their performance is not much different from the currently available light tanks, but they provide more options. This will be better than the M41A3, obj211)

(Since the queue contains BTRZD, there is no reason not to join it)

(It’s just a slow moving 152mm gun, and now it can only have 5.8kg HE shells)


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In the future, these vehicles should be able to better fill this gap




Ah, please add at least IS2 1944 and ISU152
This lineup is too poor