super mirage F1 the dart aiming to pierce the sun

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I would like to propose the implementation of the Super Mirage F1, a modification of the well-known French multirole fighter, the Mirage F1. This version boasts an improved engine, a new HUD, and access to advanced weaponry.


The story of this plane began in 2004 when AEROSUD purchased the remaining South African Mirage F1AZs. The intent was to upgrade them to remain relevant in the skies of the 2000s. To achieve this, a collaboration was established with Marvotech, which provided a new engine, updated avionics, and new armament. Two Mirages underwent this modification. However, a deal made by the South African government regarding the procurement of Gripens led to the project’s termination. According to AFP, these two planes participated in Ghana’s independence celebrations in 2008, marking their last public demonstration.


The Super Mirage F1 was equipped with the SMR 95, a modified version of the RD-33, famously used in the MiG-29. This engine can produce up to 50.0 kN (11,230 lbf) dry thrust and 81.3 kN (18,285 lbf) with afterburner. Tests revealed that this new engine provided the F1 with 16% more thrust than the older Atar. At 15,000 ft (4.7 km) with two AA missiles, a full gun, and half the maximum fuel, the plane demonstrated improved turning capabilities and acceleration. The new HUD integrates an in-built helmet visor, allowing pilots to lock onto a target with the missile simply by looking at it.



The aircraft can be equipped with either Magic 2 or R73E air-to-air missiles.




With Magic 2 and R73E:


Special thanks to @LeGrandSarrazin for the sources.


I would like to propse the implementation of the super mirage F1, a modification of the well known french multirole fighter, the mirage F1, with a better motor, a new HUD and acces to new weaponery



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the story of this plane begin in 2004 when AEROSUD bought the remaining south african mirage F1AZ, with the idea to improve them in order to allow them to be revelant in the 2000s skys. To achieve this a cooperation was made with Marvotech wich provided a new motor, new avionics and new armement. up to two of the mirage where modified, but unfortunately the deal made by the South african governement reagarding the procurement of grippens shut down the project. Acording to the AFP, those two plane participated in 2008 of the celebration for the independances of Gana in 2008. This was there last public demonstration.


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The super Mirage F1 was fitted with the SMR 95, a modification of the RD-33, known to be mounted on the mig 29 and able to develop up to 50.0 kN (11,230 lbf) dry and 81.3 kN (18,285 lbf) with the afterburner. The new motor is said to give the F1 16% more thrust than the old atar, the test revealed that at 15000ft (4.7km) with two AA missile full gun and half the max amount of fuel the plane had a better turn (improvement of at least 15% in both instantanous turn rate and sustanious turn rate at mach 0.9), way better accelaration (reduction of 15% of the time needed to go from mach 0.3 to 0.9 and 50% to reach mach 0.3 to mach 1.3 at 15000ft (4,7 km), later test shown that the motor allowed the plane in the same configuration with full tank to reach mach 0.9in 50% of the time at 15000 ft, a reduction of 40% of the time at 25000ft and a reduction of 30% of time to reach this speed .it also lessened the fuel consumption by 25%. The new HUD is integrating a inbuilt helmet visor, allowing to lock a target with the misssile simply by looking at it


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the A/A missile could be either magic 2 or R73E


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with magic 2 and R73E image.thumb.png.7d80ce32f3a87f98c384f02b


promotional pamphlet (should count as a primary sources)

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smr-95-11-jpg.png smr-95-12-jpg.png smr-95-13-jpg.png smr-95-14-jpg.png





motor performances

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This would make a wonderful premium or TT aircraft for Britain


you really like watching the world burn don’t you?

even tho I agree I think this might be a bit too close to France to give only to Britain, at least the Cheetah is a completely unique and upgraded mirage, this is just a mirage with Mig 29 engines and HMD


I mean if SA is going to be a sub tree of Britain then I want them to be all in :)


Same as with Cheetah if Gaijin does add a South African air tree it should be in Britian since the ground tree is there already, otherwise anything could happen.

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Please give us GJ do not let this suggestion die. Well, done @Arakneo. Had no idea the Kfir and F1 had a baby.

“Spoiler” tags please.

+1 , very very cool aircraft

would be researchable tree at 12.7 BR in Air RB/Air SB and located before JAS39C Gripen

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i need this in my life


Or Super Mirage F1 BVR tactic better SAAF JAS39C Gripen except flight control system and maneuverability ?

Super Mirage F1 has no BVR capability according to this post, the SAAF Gripens have no form of BVR irl.

I personally think the SAAF Gripen should get the R-Darter which the SAAF had but didn’t use on the Gripen but the Gripen can 100% use it. As for the Mirage, this post seems to suggest they can only carry R-73 or Magic 2.

+1 Very nice