Super Étendard

General discussion about the Super-Étendard

Coutry : France
Br : 11.0 - 11.3
Max speed : 1560 km/h (1.3M)
Max altitude : 15500 m
Weight (empty): 6250 kg
Weight (max): 12000 kg
Weight (armament): 2100 kg
Radar : Agave / Anemone (air-air, air-ground, air-sea)

Armament :

DEFA 30-552A F2A x2

Point 1 :
Magic 1, Magic 2, Rocket Pod LR150

Point 2 :
Drop Tank (1100 l), Rocket Pod LR150, 250kg bomb x1, 400kg bomb x1, GBU-12 x1, GBU-49 x2, AS-30L x1, AM-39 Exocet x1

Point 3 :
Chaff (Phimat), Flares/Chaff (Alkan)

Point 4 :
Drop Tank (600 l), Laser Pod (ATLISS 2, Damocles), 250kg bomb x2, 400kg bomb x1, GBU-24 x1

Point 5 :
Chaff (Phimat), Flares/Chaff (Alkan)

Point 6 :
Drop Tank (1100 l), Rocket Pod LR150, 250kg bomb x1, 400kg bomb x1, GBU-12 x1, GBU-49 x2, AS-30L x1, AM-39 Exocet x1

Point 7 :
Magic 1, Magic 2, Rocket Pod LR150


Super Etendard

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If it only carried the Phimat that would be Chaff only.

"* An updated countermeasures suite, most significantly including a state-of-the-art Thales Sherloc P RWR with rectangular antennas on the front and back of the tailfin, replacing the “spike” antennas of the old BF RWR.

Since pylon-mounted external defensive countermeasures pods are usually relatively lightweight, a new stores pylon was added to each wing inboard of the existing stores pylons, just forward of the extended main landing gear, solely for countermeasures pods – such as the Barracuda NG (New Generation) RF jammer and the Alkan LL 5081 chaff-flare dispenser. The Alkan LL 5081 had a capacity of 90 40-millimeter cartridges or 40 60-millimeter cartridges. Most significantly, the entire countermeasures system was integrated to permit automatic operation of a jammer or flare dispenser pod when the RWR identified a threat."


That’s quite high for something that can’t go mach 2

Maybe it should be separated into 4 versions

-SUE (OG one, only magic, no flares)
(SEM S1 to 3 doesn’t bring enough to be cool)
-SEM S4 ( above + magic II, flares and ATLIS)
-SEM S5 ( above with Damocles and E-Pavs)
-SEM S5+ (gets RUBIS FLIR on R0 instead of a flare pod)

Maybe S4+ is ok too (S4 with Damocles but not at S5 standard yet = no E-Pavs) as a premium variant
S5+ could go there as well tbh

To be fair anything under S4 has been DoA since flares/chaff update… unless it is placed at 9.3 (and only one SUE that qualifies is Super Etendard prototype 1 aka Etendard IV M n68 with the engine of a SUE and the attack system of a Jaguar, until its carrier trial which gave the radar but not the wings as well )


I guess Super Etendard Modernise (SEM) standard 1 maybe 2nd event vehicle or first premium golden eagle at rank VI, Super Etendard Modernise (SEM) standard 3 might be tech tree rank VII

Super Etendard Modernise (SEM) standard 4 as a premium or 1st event vehicle in rank VIII, and Super Etendard Modernise (SEM) standard 5+ good strike aircraft 11.7 toptier at rank VIII

im not entirely sure, since this comes only from a single pic and some unconfirmed mentions, but the Argentine Navy SUE had some sort of flares fitted to them.

Would love to see the Super E in game


Does anyone know if the plane can carry 2 Exocets or if it is limited to one only?

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What is this?

Enhanced Paveways (adds GPS lock)

Looks like leak list is true, we’re getting Super Etendard.

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Finally,… should have been there before Mirage 2000-5F IMO,…


Should have been there before a great many things… I don’t expect stellar performances to be honest. These aircrafts with 1980’s armament and 1960’s performances are always hard to balance… AKA they always get screwed over.

I don’t know Super Etendard from leak maybe Super Etendard Modernise (SEM) standard 3 or standard 5 ?


even those variants aren’t able to do lot,… Air-Air wise → only 2x Magic-2 and Guns

It would be great news to have the Super-Etendard. Whatever its standard, by the way 🤗

Just give me Exocet and I’ll be happy.


“Just give me nuclear remote already”

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With the Super-Etendard we would have to add a French aircraft carrier of the PA 54 class (Clemenceau or Foch) contemporary with the Forrestal aircraft carrier already in the game. We would thus have a small air group on board with the Etendard IVM and the F8E- FN. That’s good! the 100mm model 1953 turrets are already modeled. I’m sorry I’m daydreaming…😶‍🌫️😢