Summer Sales pls gaijin bring top tier discounts

Gaijin has been making good changes and I really see the game improving and getting funny to play, but gaijin u gotta give me that juicy ka-50 discount cuz ive been waiting for this sale so i can buy it, and i got like 6 friends that started playing and willing to buy things, cuz now the game seems more balanced
Gaijin gave us hope that this game can shine again and we are all in to support this game if it keeps listening to the players that play it
thank u gaijin , hope u keep the good work, dont fail us please

There were Sale for high rank vehicles in May [Shop] May Sale in the Gaijin Store! - News - War Thunder


There were Sale for high rank vehicles both in May and Summer Sale last year. If Gaijin is taking new moves please give us a reasonable explaination to let us know, thanks.

Please use Official thread to discuss Summer Sale. Thanks!