Ok so we all have been waiting for the summer sale but seems like Gijain has 100% did away with inside Game Sales so no Discount Prem Time, Gold eagle Purchases for Tanks, Upgrades, Normal Tree Vehicle’s, Talismans and other Discounted Purchases inside the game.

Normal sales starts with all sales besides Store and this time its Store Sales tell the 5th which will be end of Summer Sale so can GIJIAN please explain why they Screwed it up this time, Why is it Store Purchases only and not the 50% of everything like normal just SUCKS NOT SPENDING A DIM ON STORE SO THANKS FOR COSTING YOURSELF SALES!!!


Hey, cut em some slack. Yeah, the sales are pretty lack luster but at least they are 50 percent off and not 30.

They’ve been following through on the feed back and doing some good stuff. Sales are kinda on the low end of important stuff right now.

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Pretending that they’re just too busy to enable something that takes seconds and that they do every year is a bizarre and embarrassing thing to say.


Not all Sales are the same, the last Summer sale was a lot worse if you only wanted one pack:

Just because we didn’t get high tier packs discounted, doesn’t equal a bad sale. This sale is a lot more worth it compared to the last 2 Summer sales.

Summer sale is not big as November or the Christmas, It’s normal. Wait for the big sales during game anniversary.

What? What the hell does that mean? They don’t owe us a sale. They owe us a fixed playable game that we can choose to support.

The sale is decent, relax. We will probably get another big one in a few months.

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Not taking it out on them I just wanted to know why its changed its been the same for 10 years!!!

First off let’s address your guys replies

DRFROGGLEPHD You get it Bro 100% it takes secs to do these sales correctly and they fked it up with this change.

PenguinRED Your Wrong the SUMMER SALE has always been the same every year besides the addition or remove of some Store packs

Threashold And this sale is just like the big sale it gives them a extra chance to pull in extra Revenue at slow Periods of Time

And the rest is down here.

Ingame sale has always taken place first and then Store Sale just that simple and again not attacking them I just Curious to why and please don’t start with that BS their this and that because these are Scheduled Events that I would say they have a file setup to implement them but none less.

And to say the Sale is Decent is a SPIT IN THE FACE TO EVERYONE!!! It’s same Vehicles as it has been for years now besides the one American short glass cannon with long reload, and that they are removing the USA AND JAPAN WW2 Packs.

And to say they don’t owe sales your a FOOL how do you think Economics work you think charging the same price and never running sales would net you a Large Income or Profit THATS A NO!!!

Hell I would Bet some of you maybe all of were also involved in the Boycott Bs, and if not and your acting this way because of what I said that would classify you WhiteKnights.



Also Sale page is Trash compared to what they normally do lacks information!!!


They swapped it around this year for whateve reason, and included the high rank premiums in the May sale instead of this one, most likely because they want to sell the rank 7 premiums that werent 2 updates old in may at full price

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Should be another decent one with all the high rank vehicles for the birthday in november, and then the black friday sale a bit later

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I almost thought you were joking with this post but i’ll respond to is as though your are serious, As per the posts PenguinRed linked the summer sale is not the same veery year, why dont you go and read the posts. They included the high rank vehicles in the May sale this year instead of this sale for whatever reason. Its also funny that you think you know how best for gaijin to get the most out of the products they sell than the people they employ whos job it is to make sure they make the most possible.

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Ignorance to provided information doesn’t really aid your point buddy. The links in my previous reply are the Summer sale announcements of both 2022 and 2021, showing a different way how it works both times. Its up to you to look at them, but don’t tell me I’m wrong when you didn’t bother.

Please use official thread to discuss Summer Sale.