Summer Extreme

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Hot summer is the perfect time for extreme sports! Ride the wind using a wingsuit or a paraglider, conquer the waves on a board or a jet ski, explore the off-road wilderness on a bike or perform tricks on a skateboard — whichever you prefer, you’ll be able to show off your hobby in War Thunder thanks to new sets of thematic decals and decorations that you’ll be able to receive in the Summer Extreme event!

And, of course, you’ll be able to earn a premium Rank I tank, high rank vehicles of all types, trophies with rewards, camouflages for event vehicles and a player icon. Show off in the Summer Extreme — and then chill with a bucket of your favorite ice cream. You’ve earned it!

From 11:00 GMT on the 8th of August, until 11:00 GMT on the 28th of August

Participate and get prizes


Pz.Sp.Wg.P204(f) KwK

Germany, rank I, premium

HMS Renown

Britain rank V, event vehicle


Sweden, rank VI, event vehicle


USSR, rank VII, event vehicle

Other prizes

“Summer Extreme” decals

“BMX” decoration

“Jet Ski” naval decoration

Player icon

Vehicle camouflages

Event vehicles in rank IV-VIII and decals will be granted in the form of coupons, while rank I premium vehicles, decorations and camouflages will be immediately activated on the player’s account.

All event rewards will be issued for a specific number of “Marks of distinction” earned in the specified vehicle type in the appropriate game mode.

What’s inside the trophies

  • 50,000 — 100,000 Silver Lions

  • Silver and EXP boosters

  • Random wagers and orders

  • Universal backups (1-3 pcs.)

  • 1 day of Premium account

  • Random camouflage for a purchased vehicle of any type

Complete the collection!

  • Activate all 5 coupons for decals on your account to receive the 6th decal “Skateboarding”.

More about collections on the WT Wiki!

“Skateboarding” decal


To get one Mark of distinction for a tanker/pilot/sailor, earn 40,000 mission points in random battles in rank III or higher (from rank I for event vehicles) in the corresponding vehicle type with the corresponding game mode. Points multiplier that varies based on vehicle rank and difficulty level is stated in the task description. The tasks are all the same and are renewed every two days at 11:00 GMT.

Missed Marks of distinction can be purchased for Golden Eagles until August 31st without completing the tasks. You can do that in the menu: Nickname → Achievements → Summer Extreme → Tasks for tankers/pilots/sailors.

Ice Cream Bucket

A unique opportunity to receive items from the past summer events! From August 8th until September 4th you can find an “Ice Cream Bucket” crate and its “Dessert Spoon” key in the item shop. “Ice Cream Bucket” contains unique decals, decorations, vehicles and camouflages from all past summer events. Some items from past events appear as coupons for the first time, and you can trade them on the Marketplace! You can also find Silver Lions, boosters, universal backups, wagers and orders.

“Ice Cream Bucket” costs 10,000 Silver Lions, and “Dessert Spoon” costs 50,000 Silver Lions. You can also earn “Dessert Spoon” for 3 and 10 Marks of distinction in the “Summer Extreme” event. On 12:00 GMT, September 4th, all “Ice Cream Buckets” and “Dessert Spoons” will disappear from your inventories, so be sure to use them until that time!

Ice Cream Bucket

“Dessert Spoon” key

Example of rewards from trophy

“Trees Don’t Move” decal

Hornet’s nest decoration

Hornet’s nest decoration

Girl scout profile icon

Girl scout profile icon

M1A1 Carbine decoration

M1A1 Carbine decoration

Chimera decal

Chimera decal

Sailing catamaran decoration

Sailing catamaran decoration


“Ice Cream Bucket” crate can contain the following rewards (open spoiler)

Vehicles (both immediately activated on the account and available as coupons):

open spoiler
  • Zrinyi I (immediately activated on the account only)

  • F4D-1

  • Leopard 2AV

  • IJN Haruna

  • Buccaneer S.1

  • VL Myrsky II (immediately activated on the account only)

  • BMD-4

  • Ka-Chi (immediately activated on the account only)

  • RN Aviere (immediately activated on the account only)

  • Bussard

  • F11F-1

  • Ar 196 A-3 (immediately activated on the account only)

  • C2A1

  • Ikv 73 (immediately activated on the account only)

  • Maxim Gorky

  • Freccia P-493 (immediately activated on the account only)

  • BT-7A (F-32)

  • HMS Spey

  • Bf 110 C-6

  • AUBL/74 HVG

  • IJN Yuudachi

  • P-59A

  • FJ-4B VMF-232

  • Martlet Mk IV (Britain)

  • Sd.Kfz.234/3

  • IS-7 *

  • Т-34E

  • P-43A-1

  • Ki-94-II

  • Sd.Kfz.234/4

  • Phòng không T-34 (USSR) (immediately activated on the account only)

  • F7F-3

  • Fw 189 A-1

  • KV-220

  • Grant I

  • — chances of receiving IS-7 are far lower than the other vehicles and are around 0,001%

All vehicles will be immediately credited to the account but there is a chance to get it in form of a coupon unless otherwise specified.

Camouflages (coupons only):

open spoiler
  • F4D-1: “Blue Nemesis” camouflage (first time as a coupon)
  • Leopard 2AV: Bundeswehr сamouflage (first time as a coupon)
  • IJN Haruna: Deforming camouflage (first time as a coupon)
  • Buccaneer S.1: “736 NAS” camouflage
  • BMD-4: Deforming tricolor desert camouflage
  • Bussard: Deforming camouflage
  • F11F-1: “Blue Angels” camouflage
  • C2A1: Royal Canadian Regiment camouflage
  • Maxim Gorky: Deforming camouflage
  • BT-7A (F-32): Bicolor summer camouflage
  • HMS Spey: Deforming camouflage
  • Bf 110 C-6: Bicolor camouflage
  • AUBL/74 HVG: Tricolor summer camouflage
  • IJN Yuudachi: Deforming bicolor camouflage
  • P-59A: Standard olive-green camouflage
  • FJ-4B VMF-232: VU-7 camouflage
  • Martlet Mk IV (Britain): Nonstandard bicolor camouflage
  • Sd.Kfz.234/3: Tricolor summer camouflage (spots)
  • IS-7: Tricolor summer camouflage
  • T-34E: Bicolor summer camouflage
  • P-43A-1: Unpainted camouflage
  • Ki-94-II: Spotted camouflage
  • Sd.Kfz.234/4: Tricolor camouflage
  • F7F-3: Testing Ground 113
  • Fw 189 A-1: Testing Ground 113
  • KV-220: Testing Ground 113
  • Grant I: Testing Ground 113

Decorations (both immediately activated on the account and available as coupons):

open spoiler
  • Sailing catamaran (first time as a coupon)
  • Hornet’s nest (first time as a coupon)
  • BSA Bicycle
  • Container “Waffenhalter”
  • M4 Sherman
  • Willys MB
  • Assault rifle shortened (USSR)
  • M1A1 Carbine
  • Light machine gun (USA)
  • Light machine gun (USSR)
  • Light machine gun (Germany)
  • Light machine gun (China)
  • Assault body armor (Russia)
  • Force recon vest (USA)
  • Ammunition of the Soviet Army, 1941
  • Wehrmacht ammunition (Germany)
  • SVT-40
  • M1 Carbine
  • Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk1
  • Gewehr 41 (Walther)
  • Arisaka Type 44
  • PPS
  • MP-40
  • STEN
  • M1928A1 “Thompson”

Decals (both immediately activated on the account and available as coupons):

open spoiler
  • Diving Mode On decal
  • Explore More decal
  • Falling Coconuts decal
  • Good Catch decal
  • Trees Don’t Move decal
  • Emblem of the Air Force Airborne Corps, PLA
  • Emblem of the 11th Parachute Brigade, France
  • Emblem of the Rapid Forces Division, Germany
  • Emblem of the “Folgore” Parachute Brigade, Italy
  • Emblem of the 1st Airborne Brigade, Japan
  • Emblem of the 323rd Parachute Ranger Squadron, Sweden
  • Emblem of the Royal Marines
  • Emblem of the Russian Marine Corps
  • Basilisk
  • Cerberus
  • Chimera
  • Echidna
  • Harpy
  • Hippocampus
  • Lernaean Hydra
  • Minotaur
  • Sphinx
  • Wyvern
  • Flames
  • Fiery explosion
  • Frosty flames
  • Fiery ball
  • Flaming exhaust
  • Fiery pattern
  • Flaming sparks
  • Colored flame
  • Emblem of the air forces, Germany
  • Emblem of the air forces, Japan
  • Emblem of the air forces, Britain
  • Emblem of the air forces, USA
  • Emblem of the air forces, USSR
  • Emblem of the armored forces, France
  • Emblem of the armored forces, Germany
  • Emblem of the armored forces, Italy
  • Emblem of the armored forces, Japan
  • Emblem of the Royal tank regiments
  • The emblem of the armored forces, U.S.
  • Emblem of the armored forces, Russia
  • The Symbol of Japan
  • The Symbol of USA
  • The Symbol of USSR
  • The Symbol of Britain
  • The Symbol of Germany
  • The Symbol of Italy
  • Pin-up Japan
  • Pin-up Britain
  • Pin-up USA
  • Pin-up USSR
  • Pin-up Germany

Profile icons (will be immediately activated on the account and in the form of the coupons):

  • Girl scout (first time as a coupon)

Silver Lions

  • 10,000 — 1,000,000

Expendable items

  • Battle trophy (Research points booster)
  • Battle trophy (Silver lions booster)
  • Universal backup
  • Universal backup x2
  • Universal backup x3
  • Random wager
  • Random order

Detailed terms

  • The exact terms of each task can be found in the “Nickname → Achievements → Summer Extreme” window.
  • To get a Mark of distinction, you need to complete a task in the corresponding vehicle type in the corresponding game mode. For example, a Mark of distinction for a pilot can be received only by playing Air battles (AB/RB/SB).
  • You can complete the tasks in multiplayer battles in all game modes except for “Assault”.
  • You can complete the tasks not only in vehicles of Rank III and above, but also in lower rank event vehicles. You could receive those in large events such as winter and summer marathons, WWII chronicles, BP seasons and craft marathons. In the vehicle cards of such vehicles you can find the names of events in which said vehicles first became available in the game.
  • You have received the Mark of distinction if the achievement’s color is golden.
  • Missed Marks of distinction can be purchased for Golden Eagles in the Achievements window until August 31st, 2023. Make sure you pick the right achievement category: for tankers, pilots and sailors.
  • Prizes received in the form of tradable coupons will be available for trading on the market from September 1st, 2023. The time from which the coupon can be traded can be viewed in the game in the coupon description. The option of trading each coupon separately depends on the time of its receipt and doesn’t depend on the vehicle type.
  • For 8 Marks of distinction you receive an untradable coupon for a vehicle. Upon activating it, you will instantly receive a corresponding vehicle. If you do not wish to use the vehicle and want to sell the coupon on the Marketplace instead, you need the “Upgrade for coupon” item.
  • For 10 Marks of distinction you receive an untradable “Upgrade for coupon” item. You can use it to make the vehicle coupon you received tradable and then sell it on the Marketplace. The date on which a traded coupon becomes available for sale can be seen in its description in the game.
  • The “Upgrade for coupon” item has an expiration date. You can either use it or exchange it for Warbonds before it expires.
  • PlayStation and Xbox players will be able to exchange decal coupons for similar ones. The exchange is available in the “Workshop → Exchange items “Summer Extreme” window.

See you on the battlefield!


Dammit, I usually just ignore these events because they are a pain in the… especially if you only really play ASB. But now there is a naval vessel I want.

During the last winter marathon, I admit that I made no effort to participate and get the main tank prize because I have no taste for the top tier.

But there, a vehicle of the WW2, a German/French hybrid engineering, premium and recon armored car… You can be sure that I will do everything to get it ! And the camo is a true banger.

Thank Gaijin to give some love to WW2 aficionados !


Another Su-25??


I wish the decals were historical for once, gaijin quietly got rid of the authentic decals events and 9 out of 10 events they do now contain the same old fictional/themed decals.
i just dont see the incentive to put stickers of people doing sports on the side of my tank


i know it was the same last time but 40k every 2 days seems like a lot 30k sounds a lot better


You shouldn’t give this Su-25 R-73 AAMs. This super missiles shouldn’t be first introduced on a event vehicle.

I agree, that feedback is being given every year and thoroughly ignored.

For average- good player (in Air) 7 games x 1.5k points a day is fair. 20k - 2day target


You should touch up the profile pic some more. The generation has some noticable issues on the motorbike.

cardicon_biker_girl_512_98026a29d2b70c4321549b58a0d773ce (1)
Overall shape is very wonky, the motorcycle is not symmetrical at all.

Biggest issue is the 2nd headlight and fairing that was generated behind the actual one

Honestly I don’t think the pfp fits the theme either cause it’s just a motorcycle going through a city street. Not very “extreme” or “sport”. A mountain or forest background would’ve been more fitting.



What does the 10th mark of distinction provide to console players?

@Stona_WT Will we be able to grind this event in naval EC? Asking because the article doesn’t mention it’s exclusion specifically.


Grinding 40k for each star is far too much. It is 80k if you want airplane and tank, time spent with the game is like a daily job, with some overtime.

Yes, I know it is the same as previous time. It was too much previous time too.

I’m playing this game for years, having spent quite a lot of bucks here. But, since 40k “events” introduced a skipped each and every one… Why Gaijin always refuses to listen when asked politely? Is it really boycotts and review bombings the only way? I hope not, I’ve spent so much time with the game and I really like it.



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40k… okay, like the last one, i’ll skip it and play another game…
This will be far less angryness and disillusionment!


Please fix and buff the Renown. At the very least her BR needs to be lowered to 6.7 and the draft fixed, or just lowered to 6.3 in the current state, or I might as well give up my plans to pay GE for her… I suspect others would make similar choices. She’s not a worthy prize right now…

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It says you can do the event in any multiplayer mode except Assault. Does this include squadron battles ?

is this event live now? and how can i win the reward vehicles? thanks

It starts in two hours. You need 40K mission points every two days for one star. 8 stars for a vehicle. 10 if you want to sell it. It’s all in the post just scroll all the way up

does anyone have the table with the total scores to be achieved for the event according to rank/mode of play?

I remember someone doing that for the last event but i dont find on the old forum.

Where is Ice Cream Bucket???

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