Sukhoi Su-30M2 Flanker-G: An Idea realized way too late

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Sukhoi Su-30M2 Flanker-G: An Idea realized way too late


Hi and welcome to my 2nd suggestion, which is about the Su-30M2. :popcorn:

It´s in my opinion one of the best options for Russia to have an equal to the F-14D and F-15C. As long as those are added with FOX-3s surely and not strong as the previous suggested Su-30SM. The Su-30M2 combines the good things of the Su-27S and late Su-30SM, being able to use R-77 FOX-3 missiles, while not being “overpowered” due TV-engines, extremly good AOA and PESA-Radar at the same time, could solve the issue of the missing Russian equal to the F-14B Tomcat with its AIM-54s. The Su-27SM(3) is a good option to (and a better one), but at the end it depends on Gaijin and the Russian Defense Department which one we will see in the game.

First of all:

  • This is a suggestion for an Aircraft we could see in game at some point in the Future , that doesn´t mean next Patch or somewhere in the near Future
  • I don´t want to force Gaijin to rush Top-tier aviation in any way
  • Feel free to share more Data and / or correct me if something is wrong
  • Discuss respectfully, any aggressive kind or verbal abuse will be reported, the Forum rules also apply here
  • FOX-3 on all aircraft in game (when added) could be balanced by limit them to a max. of 2 - 4x missiles and making them not such strong as in RL or DCS (my opinion)

Basic Background:

Same as all of the Su-30 series, excluding Su-33 and Su-34, those have a different story ;).png “;)”)

Due Reductions in the IA PVO´s intercepter fleet, the emergence of more stringent requiremnts for interceptors, the sheer lenght oft he Soviet Union´s northern border and the scracity of airbases in the northern regions of the country as well as airborne comman posts and AEW&C aircraft, were the factots that led the Sokhoi OKB to devlop the Su-27UB trainer into a new specialised interceptor. The works on a two seat interceptor / command „post version“ of the Su-27 began in mid – 1980s with I. V. Yemel´yanov as chief project engineer. The Su-30 was produced and exported in following versions: Su-30 (first called Su-27PU), K, KI, KN, MK, MKK, MK2, MKV, MK2V, M2, MKI, MKM, MKA, SM / 2 and SME. Before some one asks what MKI for e.g. means: " Modernizirovannyi, Kommercheskiy, Indiski " = Modernized, Commercial, Indian.

Most of these were export models and Prototypes (as Su-30KN and UP) and not all featured the same avionics, Malaysia uses some avionics made by SAAB for example, the MKK has a downgraded Radar, etc etc.

However, the Su-30KN upgrade program was made to introduce true multi-role capabilitiy to the Su-30M. The project was overshadowed by the RFAF (Russian Federation Air Force) by the series of 4+/4++ generation multi-role fighters, the Su-35S (BM - Big Modernization) and Su-30SM super manouverble fighters in the second decade of 21th century.

The Su-30KN upgrade proposed by the Irkutsk plant adds a new mission computer, an extra channel to the weapons control system, a new AMLCD cockpit display, and upgrades the N001 radar to a new standard. The formal state certification of the upgraded Sukhoi Su-30KN ‘Flanker’ fighter was signed on 9 November 2001, according to an executive in the Irkutsk-based IAPO aircraft factory. This opened the way for the serial modernisation of Russian Air Force aircraft. The Stage I upgrade enables the Su-30 to fire X-31A, X-31P and X-29T air-to-surface missiles and KAB-500 guided bombs. It also adds R-77 missile to the list of its air-to-air weapons. The Stage II upgrade featured MiG-29SMT avioncs, MFD and MFI Displays, as well as Ground-Mapping ability for the Radar.


The Su-30M2 (MK2 / MK2V / MKK) is a multipurpose fighter. It has a two-seater cockpit with an air brake behind the canopy. The integrated aerodynamic configuration in combination with the thrust vector control leads to high maneuverability and unique take-off and landing properties. Equipped with a digital fly-by-wire system, the Su-30M2 is capable of some very advanced maneuvers, including the Pugachev’s Cobra and the Tailslide.
The aircraft’s engine contains two low-bypass Saturn AL-31F turbofan engines, each with 122,58kN full post-combustion static thrust, provide Mach 2 in level flight, 1,350km/h speed at low altitude and a rate of climb of 230m/s.
With a normal fuel reserve of 5,270 kg, the Su-30MK is able to carry out a 4.5-hour combat mission with a range of 3,000 km. An air refueling system increases the range to 5,200 km (3,200 mi) or the flight time to up to 10 hours at cruising altitudes.
The Russian Air Force first ordered the variant in 2009. The factory tests were completed in September 2010. Twenty planes were ordered; 4 in 2009 and 16 in 2012. At least 12 were produced by August 2014, all four from the first contract from 2009 and eight from the second contract from 2012. They are mainly intended as combat training aircraft for Su-30SM and Su-35S.


Exported as “Su-30K, Su-30MK, MKV, MK2, MK2V and MKK”, the Su-30M/M2 is represented in many countries. Known costumers are: Algeria, Indonesia, China (Navy), Uganda, Vietnam and Venezuela.

Belarus bought outdated Su-30K from India and upgraded them to Su-30KN standard.

Armament of Su-30M2 (game relevant):

I hope we will see costumizable Loudouts. On jets with 6 or more Pylons, it can be tricky to give us all possible options, as well as loadouts we wish to have. Here is a great suggestion to fix this problem.

Guns: 1x GSh-30-1 (30 x 165mm, 150 rounds)
    1500 – 1800 rpm
    muzzle velocity of 870 m/s (1800m range)
AAM, up to (10 Pylons):
    6x R-27R / ER
    2x R-27T / ET
    6x R-73 RMD-1 / M
    6x R-77 / -1
Bombs / guided Bombs, up to:
    4x KAB 500Kr / L
    3x KAB-1500Kr / L
    8x FAB-500T
    8x FAB-500M-62T
    28x OFAB-250-270
    32x FAB-100-120
Air-to-Ground Missiles, up to:4
    4x Kh-29T / TE / L
    4x Kh-31A (Anti-Ship missile)
    4x Kh-31P (Anti-Radiation missile)
    2x Kh-59ME* / MK (*requires APK-9ME Datalink pod)
    4x S-25L
Unguided Rockets (in total), up to:
    80x S-8 (4 pods)
    20x S-13 (4 pods)
    4x S-25 


The N001VP is the upgraded version of the base N001 “Merch” radar used by the early Su-27 / 30 Family. It features Ground-Mapping, thank to the new SUV-27ESh weapon-constrol-system, Kh-31A / P anti-radation / -ship missile and R-77 FOX-3 missile.
LD/SD capability was sightly improved and minor fixes / improvements were done.

Its also known as N001VE(P) in the export market and used by (afaik) Su-27SMK, J-11A*, Su-30MK2 and Su-30MKK.


Specifications and Internal:

Status: in service as Combat trainer for Su-30SM and Su-35S
Service introduction Su-30M2: Late 2000s (doesnt matter anyway)
    more than 600 Su-30s (all variants) built so far (24 Su-30M2 in Russian Air Forces service)

General characteristics

Crew: 2
Length: 21.935 m
Wingspan: 14.7 m
Height: 6.36 m
Wing area: 62.0 m2
Empty weight: 17,700 kg
Loaded weight: 24,900 kg (without external fuel tanks)
Max. takeoff weight: 34,500 kg
Powerplant: 2 × AL-31F  ( Possibly got AL-31FM1 )
    (static) Dry thrust: 74,5kN each ( 80kN )
    (static) Thrust with afterburner: 122,58kN each  ( 132,5kN )
Fuel capacity: 5.264 kg (enough for 1,96 hours without refueling)


Maximum speed is Mach 1.9:
    1350km/h at sea level
    2100km/h at altitude
Service ceiling: 17,300 m
Rate of climb: 230 m/s
Wing loading: 401 kg/m2 with 5.264 kg fuel (468.3 kg/m2 with full internal fuel)
    With external fuel tanks (9.400 kg): 0.86
    With (100%) 5.264 kg fuel: 1.00
Maximum g-load: +9g / -3g

    APP-50A and APP 50MA give the Su-30M2 a total 98 Flares / Chaffs, or 196 Flares or Chaffs, of caliber 50mm
    2x L-175W Khibiny-W ECM jammer pods (mounted on wing tips, wing tip pylons for R-73 cant be used while having the ECM pods)
    *(2 × Sorbzija / KNIRTI SPS-171 / L005S “Sorbzija-S” jamming containers)*   subject for more research

    IRST OLS-30 (izdeliye 52Sh)
        120° FOV
        Azimuth: +/- 60°
        Elevation: 60° / -15°
        Big search field: 60° x 10°
        Small search field: 20° x 5°
        Close combat mode: 3° x 3° (vertical)
        Detection Range: min. 90km rear-aspect and min. 30km all-aspect
        Laser range: up to 8km
        Rangefinder: 0.3 - 10km
    SPO-15LM RWR 
    Helmet mounted sight for R-73


Thanks for your time, hope you liked it :salute:
[Will add more if there are some (more) important / declassified things]
[PM or comment if a Link or Picture isn´t working]



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Very well done. I think this plane has the potential too be very important for both the USSR and Chinese tech tree!