I have a problem, and i don’t know if it was my mistake or something that isn’t working properly.
I have just made 3 suggestions this afternoon and the first one (being a camo) went into pending, all normal, just as the last one did (another camo).
The problem stands with the second one (an heli) because i submitted the suggestion and i got the big notification saying it was sent into pending, but here i am, about 2 hours after, and it disappeared.
I checked and i didn’t break any rule or anything, it just disappeared from the pending section without being accepted. If it got rejected i would be curios to know why as everything seemed ok, and it would honestly be nice to receive at least a notification.
Any idea what happened and why?

so it didnt got approved, aka send to the backrooms and from there never seen again

That happened to my suggestion to replace the J35D with the J35F that can carry Falcons

Like that? No notifications or explanation? It was very well done, I wonder what went wrong

Speaking to the suggestion mods, gonna have to go though several. Oh and do be careful cause you might end up getting chat muted for no reason.

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All mine have been deleted lol 😔

You have a pending section? I posted a suggestion and its just gone. Wouldve understood if it was denied but since it happened within 1 minute of posting i doubt it.

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I’ve had the same problem about making suggestion for F3D-2M. Made it 3 times and each time denied. I even contacted a suggestion moderator and did fixed what was said. But it still was denied. I’d also love to have a way for us to be notified of why it was denied

Anyways, this is the only thing that might help Rules, Guidelines & Tips For Creating Suggestions (Check Before Creating A New Suggestion!)

Just sent a message to one of those moderators we’ll see…


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To quote the rules you obviously already read:

If there are issues with the answers you get from mods you can always escalate it to a senior moderator as well.

No suggestion is ever truly deleted, if you want a copy of a suggestion that didn’t get approved all you need to do is ask.

Your suggestion claimed that the J35 was missing standard armament. This is a matter for Bug Reports. If you want to make a suggestion for the J35F I would suggest you read the rules and include all items required for a vehicle.

I wish that we could chat mute people at times but sadly enough no forum nor suggestion moderator has the ability to chat ban people in game or even any type of forum punishment when it comes to the suggestion mods. Like I also already previously stated, at most you will need 2 if you don’t agree with what the first one told you and you would like to escalate the issue.

On your profile page go to activity and then there should be a tab called pending, it’s rather hidden sadly enough.

With how this forum works, that sadly enough to the best of my knowledge just isn’t an option. In combination with just how many threads are made with the user that made them to never look at them for years on end, the best solution just ended up being the note I quoted at the top.


Thx, finaly i got to know what happened to it