So, I want to make a suggestion, and I constantly have the issue of it not making the page. Is there a specific format they would like us to follow that I am oblivious to? Any help appreciated.

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Is it consistenly being denied or is it pending approval? Suggestions can take a really long time to be approved.

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They seem to have been denied, but no message was sent against it, I’ve been told you have to reach out first to hear why it was denied.

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I’m not one to complain a lot about the forums but I do have issues with this. There are not formats or guides to follow on here to make suggestions and when they deny the suggestion there’s nothing telling you what you did wrong with it, only says you got a message which nothing is actually there when you check. The only way to tell is to contact a staff member to ask about it but after awhile they kind of just stop responding to questions (which happened to me when I was respectfully asking questions about what I did wrong). If there was something like a format posted to follow there would be no need to even ask a staff member.


Just made one for the J35J, I’ll see if it goes through, ask why it didn’t if it doesn’t, it has sources, photos, and weaponry, as well as capabilities.


Try to put a vote into it. As it happened to one of my suggestion. That it was denied and when i ask apparently because i didnt put vote into it.

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XD i put in a suggestion for the J35J too, And i never got to know why it was denied…
I used a flight manual as a source and the AEF website for basic details and such. Then took pieces out of a book from somebody who Flew the drakens

Though i later did a suggestion about the Mechanical CCRP that the Saab B17, Saab B18, Saab A21-3, A21RB. Used for calculating bomb&rocket releases. If this is added these aircraft will no doubt become a menace in Ground RB

I had two in mine, apparently it was denied because it needed better sources.

Yeah it kinda sucks that there is no “set” format that they have specified (to my knowledge at least). But if you want a format for suggesting vehicles, this is the one I used when I made a ton of suggestions for ground vehicles on the old forum which in my opinion did a great job at describing the vehicle in question.

Name of the vehicle
*Image of the vehicle"

(A short summary of the vehicle describing some of it’s features, country of origin etc. Around 50 - 100 words maybe)


(The history of the vehicle in as much detail as possible including stuff like what project led to it’s conception, when it was concieved, when it was built, any changes made to the vehicle during it’s design / production phase, when if it entered service, any conflicts it was a part of and how it performed, if it was exported to other countries, when it was decommissioned or if it’s still in service etc.)


(This section usually had a ton of sub-sections to describe different features of the vehicle, the following are some which may be usefull. Not all may fit a vehicle or suggestion though, but as with the history section, as much information as possible is always the best.)


(Describe the hull of the vehicle in as much detail as possible. Not how it was created, but what it has. Stuff like mobility, engine, transmission, armour, or if it has any other quirks / features which the vehicle has which you think are important to the vehicle.)


(Same as the hull, but for the turret. Name the armaments it has, but don’t go too much into depth of it.)


(Here you can go into depth on the weapons. What weapons does it have? Which ammunition does it have and how much does it carry? Depression and elevation angles, turret rotation speed. If it has missiles, how does these missiles work? As usual, as much information as possible.)


(If your vehicle have an FCS more than a simple sight, like a radar, IRST, IFF then this section could be used to go more depth into it. But if it only has say a thermal sight and a rangefinder, then that information could be baked into the armaments section and this section could be skipped entirerly. If your vehicle has an advanced FCS though, this section could be used to describe how it works in as much detail as possible.)

(Not all of these sub-sections needs to be used. Only use those who fit your suggestion best, and you could even come up with other sub-sections which you feel fit your vehicle.)

In War Thunder

(How would this vehicle be played in War Thunder? What would it’s strengths and weaknesses be? If it has any similarities to vehicles already in the game, drawing parallells could help the reader get a feel for how your vehicle would fit into the game.)


(A list detailing as many specifications of the vehicle in question as possible, here’s an example of how I did it in my suggestions using my suggestion for the RBS 70 VLM as an example:)


  • Crew: 2
    • Driver
    • Gunner
  • Weight: 2345 kg
  • Height: 2,035 m
  • Width: 1,79 m
  • Length: 4,6 m
  • Wheelbase: 2,8 m
  • Protection: None


  • Top speed: 113 km/h
  • Approach angle: 50°
  • Departure angle: 35°
  • Ground clearance: 215 mm
  • Turning circle: 13,28 m
  • Four-wheel drive
  • Engine: 2.25L 11H
    • 75 hp
    • 55 kW
    • 160 Nm @ 2000 rpm
  • Transmission: LT77
    • Manual
    • 5 forward gears
    • 1 reverse gear


  • Robotsystem 70:
    • Ammo:
      • RBS 70 MK 0:
        • General data:
          • Length: 1320 mm
          • Diametre 105 mm
          • Weight: 15 kg
        • Propulsion:
          • Range: 5 km
          • Altitude coverage: 3 km
          • Top speed: 525 m/s
          • Missile guidance time: 15 s
          • Manoeuvrability: 15 G
        • Guidance: Radar beam-riding
        • Warhead:
          • Proximity fuze
          • Backup contact fuze
      • RBS 70 MK 1:
        • General data:
          • Length: 1320 mm
          • Diametre 105 mm
          • Weight: 15 kg
        • Propulsion:
          • Range: 5 km
          • Altitude coverage: 3 km
          • Top speed: 550 m/s
          • Missile guidance time: 15 s
          • Manoeuvrability: 15 G
        • Guidance: Radar beam-riding
        • Warhead:
          • Proximity fuze
          • Backup contact fuze
    • Ammo count: 7 - 9
    • Horizontal traverse: 360°
      • Horizontal targeting speed: Unlimited (Dependant on the operators ability to turn the launcher since the horizontal traverse is done by the operator manually turning it)
      • Vertical traverse:
        • Elevation: 35°
        • Depression: -5°
        • Vertical targeting speed: Unlimited (Dependant on the operators ability to angle the launcher since the vertical traverse is done by the operator manually angling it)

(The “General” section I used for stuff like weight, dimentions, crew and armour. The “Mobility” section I used for stuff like top speed and how it handles whilst driving with stuff like approach and departure angles, turning circles etc. The engine and transmission and their specifications are also included here. The “Armaments” section is used for describing the weapons and their ammunition with as many details on them as possible such as velocity, weight, elevation and depression of the guns, targeting speed, horozontal traverse etc.)


(A list of every source you used to find the information on the vehicle. The more sources, the better.)


If they keep getting denied message a Suggestion Mod about it. Ask them what was wrong and maybe ask them for tips

I second the notion

I made a suggestion and had the note that i had a post pending that needed approval. Now that note is gone. I don’t know what happened to my suggestion. If it was denied, approved… Nothing.

This is very intransparent

If your suggestion disappears from the pending area on your profile and is not open you can infer that the suggestion was denied, and as @DevilO6 pointed out it is up to you to reach out to us to find out why it was denied. It is up to the poster to contact us to find out why their post was denied as outlined in the first line on the rules/Guidelines:

On the topic of format, we do not have a set form as each user has the ability to format their suggestion individually, if we have a format many users wouldn’t change the format in fear of being denied. It’s just easier to allow the users to format their suggestions as they see fit.

In regards to the comments about their not being guides we have the rules/guidelines and if you follow that your suggestion should be fine, if for some reason it’s denied contact a suggestion moderator to inquire about why your suggestion was denied or if you had any questions about suggestion they are glad to help out.

@The_Marco_Polo If you have another experience like that feel free to escalate the issue to myself or another Senior Suggestion Moderator or reach out to another Suggestion Moderator.