Suggestions on Unlocking the Purchase Restrictions of Squadron Vehicles

The purchase unlocking restrictions for squadron vehicles should be consistent with those for technology tree vehicles.
In the current version, squadron vehicles, like other deployable vehicles, will have cross level research points penalties.
If the purchase unlocking restrictions of squadron vehicles are consistent with the unlocking restrictions of developable vehicles, not only will it not cause unknown players to lose their development points, but it will also ensure that other players have a better gaming experience.


You want to make it harder to unlock squadron vehicles? Am I getting this right?

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I agree with this suggestion.

no,the required research points remain unchanged, but without unlocking this level of research restrictions, purchases cannot be made

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I was trying to understand the article but was having trouble. I don’t know what “unlocking restrictions” , “developable vehicles”, or “development points” are. I tried searching for meanings but could not find anything relatable to war thunder.

This article is about squadron vehicles and research point penalties correct? Currently, squadron vehicles share the same penalties to research points as tech tree vehicles.

Are you asking for squadron vehicles to be exempt from research penalties penalties, as seen with premium vehicles?

no. he is saying if you want o get a rank 7 squadron, you need to first get to rank 7 via tech tree or premium first

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That’s what I got from it too.

IMO, it defeats the purpose for these squadron vehicles to exist. If people want to circumvent the rank system, they’ll just do it by purchasing a premium vehicle anyways.

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Oh heck yes. Make it apply to premiums too if you ask me

I think you should meet 2 ranks below what youre trying to buy, anywhere, in any tech tree in order to research the Squadron or buy a premium

Ive often had this idea

I guess it could push sales, if say:

You are rank 3 and want a rank 7, youll have to buy a rank 5 premium first too in order to “unlock” the ability buy that rank 7 premium or start researching a rank 7 squadron

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Hmmm. Perhaps you could start researching it but still cant buy it until you meet the threshold. That way you can have it banked away.

But really, squads are just as much for real players as wallet warriors. I sincerely enjoy earning a nice vehicle on the side while playing full time and unlocking something else. Its a great feature

Hes saying just like how researching a rank 7 with a rank 2 vehicle gives you a massive RP nerf, it should apply the same to squadron vehicles unless youve researched a tier near enought to get the full RP bonus

His intentions will remain a mystery.

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that’s typically what happens when you type another language into google translate and hope it will do it’s job.

我推荐使用 DEEPL Translator,因为它目前翻译任何语言都比 Google Translate 更准确,我还推荐使用 Grammarly 来纠正英语中的错别字。除此之外,祝你今天、下午、晚上和夜里过得愉快。

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fun fact I learned about grammarly: Using grammarly in English related work In university is considered academic misconduct…

but yeah probably use it so people can understand

How would this even be calculated? Wouldn’t it also impact other people in your squadron?

Its how the game works right now

I dont think thatd affect your squadron as thats solely based on player activity

I must’ve misunderstood how squadron points work then.