Suggestion to combat the influx of bots

Hello everyone,

Im sure everyone knows by knows of the influx of bots that now are entering war thunder.

I personally would have a couple idea’s to fight them.

1st: update the anti cheat to combat the bots, the bots use scripts in order to work. Just like with hackers who use a client. You can detect such things as a script and a client.

2st: Use user movement and or match data to figure if a player is an actual player or a bot. For instance an SPAA that suddenly turns and insta kills an plane with 1 round is very obviously a bot dual it instantly turning and also instantly hitting a deadly hit on an aircraft. But also certain patterns like bombers immidiatly going to the enemy airfield to get killed after they dropped their bombs is hint a player is a bot. This is all data that gaijin can use to make their own anti bot system.

3rd: work together with other game devs and or with other companies to ether make an anti bot system or use one from another game.

In the end. We all benefit from an anti bot system as for us real human players matches dont get ruined by a scripted ran bot


gaijin wins bcs more players can not only play the game but might also buy things. And not only that it also partially stops the rule breaking selling of accounts.

(Sorry if i uses wrong categories, its my first true time posting a topic on the forms. I play the game for 8 years now)


Gaijin’s response has indeed been ineffectual in combating bot spam in Naval and ARB. A very jaded and cynical individual might suggest that because bots buy premium vehicles to more efficiently grind, they make money for Gaijin, and there is incentive to do nothing about them. I would never say such a thing, it’s just something I’ve heard.


its just annoying because your now essentially down 3-4 people on your team, and its not just RB, Air rb is full of them too.

i don’t think it is because they buy premium planes but more so it bulks out the matches making it seem like more people are playing.

I was reporting people every game for being a bot but the whole reporting system is broken anyway. TKs and racist language are never punished so why should they start caring about bots?

perhaps we should announce bots to then enemy team so they get killed before they reach a base? but then that effects the 1 guy who might actually might be just trying to fly straight there…

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But you know that it’s not even allowed to talk about it on the official forums and in the game? I already got 2 days of silence for bringing this topic up here. Want them to do something about it? Spam everywhere except on official channels, steam, reviews on various sites, twitch, reddit. Everywhere but not here because “it’s against the rules”

The more people talk about it on other platforms, the more people start to notice. This is not a problem of a few reports, there are hundreds if not thousands


Theres no point in discussing any of this, only way to have anything changed is review bombing or similar.

Snail just wants to put in the minimum effort for the maximum profits.

The only changes they will willingly do are anti-player changes that penalize the vast majority while maybe affecting bots. More grind = more money for them.

Prove me wrong, Snail, post a dev blog or something. Do something.

Content creators are already bringing it up, The Era of Botting - War Thunder - YouTube


It’s a P2B game.

Actually this is not correct - i reported several language issues and some of them got silenced; Teamkillers get caught by an autoban system, a lot of TKs outed themselves in the old forum. I do agree that the threshold for this autoban is way too low and we were not informed of perma bans, but “never punished” is not correct…

If you think you have noticed anyone who is breaking game rules (cheater, bot, rule breaking player), please use server replay to report such thing to our Game Masters. They are checking reports and if report is valid - ban such accounts. Thank you!

Our rules do not allows to discus such things on our forum, due to this fact, this thread is now locked.

3.11. Users are not allowed to discuss the possibilities and methods of causing damage or losses to the Games, Administration, Website Managers, and other Users, including cheat programs, “bot” automation programs, ways to modify the client of the Games, vulnerabilities in the client and server parts of the Games, offering advantages in gameplay, and any other circumventing methods prohibited, directly or indirectly, by Gaijin EULA.