Suggestion: Protection analysis for tanks that are not on the tech tree anymore

I had a hard time killing a tank and went to look it up to do some tests on it, however it was removed from the tech tree, and therefore I am unable to do a proper protection analysis on said vehicle.

And that kinda sucks and seems a bit unfair since we won’t know how to kill some tanks.

Reason why is, I was shooting DM33 from the Leopard 2 AV, 492m away at a T-69 II G, Chinese tank. I shot the lower plate, knocked out the engine and fuel tank and during the initial impact it spalled but did not travel through the initial plate it impacted, sent another shot through the center of the upper hull which then spalled but again did not travel past the front plate it hit, the rod continued to travel through to the radiator and into the engine and then spalled again once it hit the engine.

I just thought this tank was behaving really weird with the spalling. So i wanted to check and see its weak spots or if its a bug…

Wanted to know how/if we can get vehicles that are not on the tech tree anymore to show up at least on the protection analysis so we can test shots on said vehicles.


Did you use the search function in the TT?

If it is an event vehicle/removed premium use the Wiki and the “view in game” function as a workaround. This works on all vehicles on the wiki as far as I know.

Otherwise I agree that we need to improve the system of selecting a target and gun for the tests.

Yea that works but I think there should be an easier way tbh.

I agree wholeheartedly. Gaijin should add them so they can be test drove as well as examined with protection analysis.


Not to mention it’s a pain in the but to do protection analysis on a vehicle you already own. Protection analysis should just be as easy as going to the appropriate tech tree, right clicking the desired vehicle, and have protection analysis be one of the options in the pop-up. “Preview” works if you don’t own the vehicle, but if you own the vehicle, “preview” is removed from the pop-up menu. You then have to select a crew, view in hangar, etc. etc. And I don’t know why they don’t have every vehicle in the tech tree. If it’s not available for purchase or has been otherwise removed from the game, they could just indicate that in the tech tree.